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so it turns out he actually did call.
but i never got his message.
and so i feel bad that i was pissed.
he told me on Tuesday that his brother was skiing and got in some sort of accident.
but he's okay.

this week has been rather uneventful.
not really doing a lot.

but we had finals yesterday and today.
i only had one.
Mock Trial didn't really count because we got pizza and watched the West Wing
so Jess and i left to finish our elephants for sculpture
and went back at the end of class haha
and fourth block, i hung out in the MPR
which i'm going to have to do for a few weeks this new quarter
until i know if i got that class or not
i tried to convince Curtis to drop it
it didn't work
but Kyle said that Elise is dropping it so i only need one more person to drop it so that i can take it
since i am number 2 on the waiting list.

today our Sculpture final was wicked easy
then we finished our kaleidoscopesCollapse )
and mine looks totz fabulous.
and then i hung out with Matt in the hallway
we were pretending we were freshmen
and stood in the middle of everyone's way
it was great
then i went to yearbook
and left a few times
even though we weren't supposed to
i never actually went to the bathroom
so i really have to pee now
and Helen is in there. :[

and now i've gone!
and my bladder is empty
so i am going to make a sandwich when i am done with this

tomorrow our meet is really early
we have to be at the school at 645
and then Bridget and i are going to the boys meet
after that Matt and i are hanging out
prob going to go to Bridget's
because that's where everyone lives over the weekend
i pretty much did last weekend

and now i'm freezing!

it is time for a sandwich!
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you might want to sing it not for not, so don't worry, be happy

HEY. i'm updating. weird.

so it's always weeks before i post again. i wonder why that is? i think i'm just really lazy. tha'ts probably it.

my life really isn't that interesting. uhm. Heather and i went to the fair a week and a half ago ish. it was such a glamorous time. we're awesome.

my great grandfather died last week. i went to his funeral in Connecticut. and i went to mass. i hadn't been since i was about 8. it was really.... interesting. i don't really know how else to explain it. it's a lot of (as my mom put it) "stand up, sit down, kneel, kneel, kneel."

yesterday Heather and i went to the mall. i bought two shirts and some undies. you can never have enough underwear. i really love buying it, and i am not sure why. but oh well. because, it's a good time. and yeah.

today, George and i hung out. we went to Pad Thai for lunch. then we rented Thank You For Smoking, and The Libertine. Thank You For Smoking was really quite funny. i would see it again. The Libertine was so weird. there was so much sex and nakedness. and he wrote a play about dildos and sex. it was hilarious but weird at the same time. i'm actually not quite sure how i feel about it yet.

i'm really excited for this week. we're having our own spirit week. because they did it last week, but it didn't make sense because homecoming is this week. so, the seniors decided that we're doing our own. and Thursday is superhero day. i can't wait! it will be a good time, and everyone knows it.

that is all. have a wonderful day! (or night!) :]
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George got a cell phone.

..oh my goodness.
i knew he'd cave in eventually. :]

and now Heather and i are going to the show in Auburn.
i don't know how to get there.
but we'll figure it out i suppose.

life is very uninteresting.
so i don't have anything to write about.
well, have a great weekend ♥
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