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So, bank holiday weekend, i went to reading carling festival.. which… - is this love.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 30th, 2005|08:34 am]
So, bank holiday weekend, i went to reading carling festival.. which was fucking awesome.

Thursday - we had a bit of a hooha with the tickets but i eventually got there, unpacked my bag and went to 'spoons for curry night <3 BUFF! We nicked plates, cutlery and books from them haha! Got back to camp, met up with mikee and he touched my boob (this was so funny as he was gay!). Then later that night.....let's not go there =P

Friday - we walked into town to get breakfast, visited poundland again.. saw rachelle in spoons! Which was ace because i hadn't seen her in ages. BUFF! Then we got intot he areana, and saw a lot of good bands. Blood brothers (were fucking amazing..i swear i soiled my pants when i saw them), dropkick murpheys were also good, as were we are scientists, i can't remember who else i saw lol.. but pixies were good as were lemon jelly XD and met up with jack, which was pure buff!

Saturday - i went in and saw some amazing bands again, this time foos, hatebreed, anti flag, capdown and a lot more.. were excellent! Then again saturday night...*ahem*

Sunday - i was very sunburnt at this point *laugh* and i saw manson, heard futerheads, bloc party, missed mylo which pissed me off :( saw alkaline trio, funeral for a friend as well... uhm, and probably some others lol. Then yes..again sunday night...

Monday - i came home and finally had a shower. I hadnt washed since thursday morning..and i smelt so bad. HAHA!

<3 it was buff.

[User Picture]From: z_oexspoons
2005-08-30 01:17 pm (UTC)
glad you had fun. did u see anyone holding a peace flag during manson?

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[User Picture]From: distillers_girl
2005-08-30 04:11 pm (UTC)
Glad you had an awesome time.. yeah it was great seeing you again. We hadn't seen each other since The Used back in January. You notice that everytime we meet up I'm in a foul mood. The Used = Hungover and almost dumped. Reading = annoying girlfriend, in which I wanted to rip off my own arm and throw it at her. I'm a nice, happy girl really. And why the folk don't we meet up more ofter, eh?
Congratulations once again on your GCSE results.
Love ya, Rachelle. x x x
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