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GAS PRICES....PLEASE READ. [16 Apr 2005|01:36pm]
If you think gas prices are TOO FUCKING HIGH....PLEASE READ THIS!!! It might just be crazy enough to work!!Collapse )

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LOL WE GOT OURSELVES A HATER!! [08 Feb 2005|07:40pm]
2005-02-09 03:00 (from (link) Select
dunt think u got rid of me you dirrty two cent hoe
your obiviously seems liek ur one of those dumb bitches who doesnt undertsnad shit. i clearly said this was a joke, and for ugly dumb whores who have nothing better to do, but i guess all that fake shit stuck to ur ugli ass thing attached to your neck has gotten to you. + dunt be pussy and banned me from ur community so i cant bitch at your pathetic excuse of a life. your not even fucking worth it. buh bye sweetheart, and for god sake, get a fucking life :D

This girl applied to my community Beyond Beautiful and we all told her that she was ugly (well Good God...she was) and she decided that she was going to whine and cry about how we are jealous (she reminds me of those fat hideous trailer trash chicks from Jerry Springer telling the audience that they're all "jealous". Hmm...so I told her that it wasn't OUR fault she was ugly, but her parents (well it makes perfect sense they ARE the ones who gave her bad genes) and I banned her.

Some people just can't take the hint. She decided to bombard my brain with this idiotic message. I can't even understand her internet lingo enough to FULLY understand what she's saying. So I decided to make her look dumb by posting her comment here. Feel free to comment on how dumb she is =D

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ACCESS DENiED [03 Jan 2005|05:04pm]

friends only, mofos.

To be honest?? I don't want anymore friends. I love the ones I have now. Sorry about you're luck.

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