no more of thisss.

ok, im done with this. no one cares about how gay my life/parents aree. its been fun<33 ♥--everyone that commented on the entry before, i commented back. k thankss<33! i ownt be looking at this until tuesday.

hate me now. so i can move on, make it easier to see that youre gone\\♥

♥ i hate parents.
♥ i hate school---FDCDD.
♥ boys suck.
♥ i NEED to get on AIM, but no im grounded.
♥ i dont even know if me&zac are together. im so confused.
♥ my life sucks right now.
♥ my friends are mad at me because of something.
♥ i cant take living with my parents anymore.
♥ my mom wants to press charges on jake. but umm im saying i let him because thats gay. because its MY neck;MY life; MY reputation. she need to mind her own business.

yeahh kk

pleasee comment.

i could be an accident but im still trying.
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&& i give up. ♥ \\ ♥

omfg. im freakin grounded until im 14! 8 months and a fucking week. . im so pissed. im like either running away. or something else. because of jake. he gave an effing hickey. and like omgg! and my mom says im a liar and then im a dirty lil whore who has sex everything. its so gay.
but i guess it was worth it because this weekend roocked<3 but not worth getting grounded that long. omg i dont knoww!

anyways, i went to the ice arena friday and like, hung out with everyone? and then amber slept over. and i went to CCD saturday morning because we had confession. and i dont know. it was gay. then i got home nad my parents left for the whole day. and we were supposed to leave like as soon as they did. but we stayed there until like 4. and then just walked down oakdale. then at like 6 or something and walked from oakdale to sturgeon & it was below 0. i swear to god. it suucked. and now me and amber have pnemonia because people are gay noww.!! and dont really care about anything! but when we got to her house, sean&jake came over. and it was boring i guess. but before the came we ate a WHOLE pizza.=-o then like after they left, we went to sleep because we were so tired from our 2 hour walk home in the freezing coold. and we didn't wake up til like 1230. then jake&sean cam back up..=/ and theennn got droped off at wagners. and had to walk to oakdale, but thank god she called evan, his gram picked us up. and then we went to angelia's to fold boxes. and then zac called us to see if we wanted to go to his grams. and we said sure. soo we walked on the trail back to sturgeon. annddd it suucked soo bad. but oh well. me&zac are going out..i think! im happy. even though everyone says hes not a good boyfriend..but ive liked him since the beginning of 7th. soo too bad ive been hurt enough i dont even care anymore. but then after we went to his grams house is when like i got in alot of trouble..but too bad. and then when i got home i got in alot of trouble. it suucks. but my parents cant make me stay there. .. will i be allowed to go to anyones house for a while..because im grounded to my room with no tv. and no food.. k thankss.

theres nothing left for me here..
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you need this..and i didn't mean to lead you on!! ♥

ok. first things first. ME AND DAVE BROKE UP! =( but i guess its better becausee. i didn't even exist to him. so uh i guess im happy now. but i dont know..

school was retarted like always, but i sat with domi&alex at lunch again=) thats always fun. and thenn. the last 3 periods went soo slow. expecially 8th&9th. i have aloi. and um she sucks. shes so old. but brandon&elliot always make fun of her..and its sooo funny=)

then after school, i rode chelsea's bus home, and we walked up to rachaels house. it was fun. we hung out then went to daves. and he was being an ass, like always, and like. he was running from us cuase he said he didnt like chelsea? um im so sure. it was probably me. but im over that. i dont even care!! and then after that we went to nicks and hung out with everyone. i was cold, so elliot let me wear his hoodie jacket thing, hes so niiice! i was seriously so happy when he was talking to me because dave was being an ass and i needed to talk to someone=) elliot is so sweet. haha k enough of thatt!<3 everyone was being gay. so we just started to walk back to rachaels house. but chelsea called and then put dave on the phone (even though we were like 3 houses away from nicks) but me and him were fighting. and elliot&joe were like. omg you guys are retarted, just go down there and talk! and i guess that made sence. haha soo we did. umm that was really stupid. but then like all the guys left. but me, chelsea, and rachael just stayed there? i dunno haha.

then the yesterday. we went up to tiffany's house. and nick was there. and they were riding dirtbikes. and they tried to make me ride one. and i did.. and let me tell you, i sucked so bad. i ran into a bush becuase i wasnt thinking and forgot to turn and i stepped on the brake, but had the gas on at the same time. so there was no point. and i brought a big chunk of the bush with me, in the handle bars with me. then going up the hill, i almost hit a jump. god, i woulda died!! but the only thing that happend was a big chunk of skin came outta my anklee=p then we went back to rachaels and rode her moterized scooter for a little. then we went to kings! some chick was staring at us. and then like some gay waiter was waiting on the two booths right by us. and we were making fun of him. it was funny. then some hott dish washer guy was there. ohh baby.=* haha. then we went to shop 'n' save. we stole one of those clickie sharpie thingss. and then went to rite-aide and stole this cool pen thing that has like white ink. but it comes out colored. coolll..and then when we were walking back to shop'n'save, and like we went behind all the shopping cart things and the door opened and like almost hit us. and then some guy was like ' hhahah thad be funny...two local girls-smashed by door!..omg it was soo funny. then when we got in there we saw marie&kayla in there, we talked for a little bit. then we went outside. and back inside again, and went to like the place where you can eat lunch. and sat there for a while. then we went up to the bathrooms. and like some guy was there so..rachael was like ' DO I HAVE ANY WHITE STUFF ON MY FACE? ' duude i wanted to kill her! but it was funnyyyyy. and then i came home and did nothing. comment if you read this<33

yeah that was a pointless update.
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♥ and it hurts so bad..♥

ok well friday in school was gay.
until lunch ♥
like when i sit with domi and them its like always so funny and we never stop laughing. but like i tripped domi twice, and she fell both times..i guess you had to be there.

friday night- i picked up alexis and we went to the skatepark. we met nadia there ♥. it was so fun. but me and dave like kept fighting. and he was pissing me off so bad =/ but oh well i guess..but i really liek him, alot=(=) but i guess i better enjoy it while it lasts. cause i bet hes gunna dump me soon

ugly or tell me

you dont know how much you mean to me..
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im not going to leave, after all we've been through♥

ok well,
yesterday i had an asthma attack like after gym. and then alot went on at my house. but i wont say anything about that..
today, im supposed to go to the skatepark with alexis again! ♥so i should be in a good mood tonight.nothing exciting has happend, so i dont know why i even update.

you tell me. ♥

comment please ♥...
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