Jack Napier (____jokesonyou) wrote,
Jack Napier

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Hum a little diddle

So I've been out of critical for a while now. And it's been a decent amount of time since that Crane guy cut off my one attempt at communicating with the outside. I wonder how Ed is, now I think about it.

I've seen nurses, I've seen assistants; I've seen guards and I even saw the fucking librarian.

When THE FUCK do I get to bangmeet Doctor Quinzel, as I've now learned her name. I put in a formal request with Burton to meet with her instead of Crane, citing the fact that he's a prick and I felt sexually harassed by his email. Burton skimmed it briefly and told me the last part was pretty much bullshit (which is a wrong opinion), but that he'd look over it.

I love causing trouble. Jesus Christ -- All I want to do is meet with that hot blond, talk about fake problems and get some. Is that too much to ask?

Fucking laugh riot, this place.
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