Mixed drinks and techno beats;

It's always heavy into everything.

4 December
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The name is Tasia. Asia with a T. No, it's not short for anything. You can call me Tas, if you'd like. Many do.

I'm a sophomore at Bishop McDevitt High School, a private Catholic high school. No, I'm not Catholic, but I will be by Easter. Yes, I love my school. Yes, I love my life. Yes, I make every little problem into the biggest thing and complain about it to anyone and everyone.
But I'm still such a happy girl.
Some may called me spoiled. I won't deny it. I know I have it pretty good, and I tend to throw fits when things don't go my way, but there's so much more to me than that.
I'm a hopeless romantic who happens to fall in love a bit too much, but that doesn't stop me.
I would be nothing without my friends. They are my world, completely and fully.
As much as I hate drama, I fear sometimes that I bring it upon myself.
I'm incredibly indecisive. I want what I want when I want it, but I don't always want what I wanted when I finally get it.
Confused? Me, too.

New friends are nice. My screen name is ohLOOKitsTASIA. I'm addicted to the internet, so I'm basically always online.


I'm not typical, please don't think I am. When it comes to humor, my best friend and I tend to have the same thought process as a 13 year old boy. We happen to think bodily functions are hilarious. And if you want to try and judge me by the type of music I listen to, good luck. I love everything from Michelle Branch to The Misfits. How about clothing? Try. You won't get very far. What about the friends I hang out with? They consist of everything from the slutty druggies to the band geeks. I happen to think I'm quite the interesting person, but I slack off when it comes to writing in here, so you probably won't see that very often.
I was born in PA. My mom got pregnant at 17, had me at 18. My dad was 20. They were both still young and dumb, into partying, drinking, drugs, all that fun stuff. They were never married, and had an on/off relationship the whole time. Thankfully, my mom got her shit together and married Derek, my step dad, a few weeks after my 6th birthday. He joind the Air Force, we moved to North Dakota. Booo. Then New Jersey. Wooo. He was abusive, mostly verbally but occationally physically, so I moved to West Virginia to live with my dad and then-step mom. Bigger boo. I hated it. Moved back, Derek was better, Derek left military, we moved into Grandma's house, Derek was hired by the Harrisburg Police Dept. (PA) so we eventually moved to Harrisburg. I started at a Catholic school for 7th and 8th grade, moved back in with my dad because I wanted to try a public school for 9th grade, and that didn't go so well. Had a falling out with my dad this past summer, long story, haven't talked to him since. I love my step-sisters like crazy, but sadly, I haven't seen them since this summer, also. Jayda is my age and is one of my best friends. We're insane together. She's shy and I bring out her wild side (I try, anyways), and she tames me (she tries, anyways). Stevie is in 7th grade, and though we used to argue, I love her bunches, as well.
That's basically my life in a nutshell.

Friends, family, laughter. School, chemistry, meaningless lists and good books. That wonderful feeling that you get when you're with your friends having a perfect time and you know that you wouldn't trade it for the world.
Crushes, and butterflies, and my baby blanket. My best friend Alex, and how I wouldn't have gotten through the past 3+ years without her. Growing up, moving on, change. Starving for perfection, control, raspberries.
Photographs that turn out perfectly, snow days, NYC, love. Piercings, rock music, John Mayer. Sewing, scars, alcohol, dancing.

Heartbreak, stress, lies. Pencils, meat, fakes. Unsatisfied hunger for perfection, unorganization, distance. Closed-people, unoriginality, bad grammar.

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