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Mixed drinks and techno beats; [entries|friends|calendar]

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GMAIL [Mon/Oct/2005 at 8:10pm]
Any want a GMAIL invitation?
I have 100, so even if we've never talked, just leave me your email and I'll send you an invite.
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[Tue/Oct/2005 at 10:31pm]
Okay everyone, here's another classic "Post Anything" posts.

Seriously though, post anything. Post anonymously, post as yourself, I don't care. Post 314 times, ask me a question, tell me your life story, or tell me a secret. Tell me something you despise about me, something that really made you feel alive today, or what you had for breakfast.

Sometimes I swear I'm the only one who lets every single thing affect me, and that overthinks every possible situation. I really want to know the type of things that go through the heads of those that read this LJ.
If you ask a question, no matter what, I'll answer.

Just post, for crying out loud!
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[Tue/Aug/2005 at 3:36pm]
You are beautiful.
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Promotions! [Sat/Jul/2005 at 11:46am]
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And I'm just dreaming, counting the ways to where you are [Fri/Jul/2005 at 1:57pm]

Hm, Addison and I were arguing again last night.
He's calling it "disagreeing". I call it arguing.
But seriously, what's new? We always argue these days.

Went to the doctor today. Fun stuff.

Yesterday it was decided that I could go to McDevitt to finish out high school.
I was wayyy happy, because I didn't really want to go to SciTech.
We stopped by McDevitt to pick up the application and all that.
We're going back in on Monday to talk to Sister and then Director of Studies or something? I have to ask about what courses I'll be taking compared to what I was supposed to take at Carlisle.

Logan had a crush on me this year. He told me that last night.
He's a really cool guy, one of the reasons I'll really miss Carlisle.

Hm, I just put all my pictures on here, and then they went away?
Fuck you, LJ.
Let's try again.

Work this time, bitch.Collapse )

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