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Reading old entries can be an interesting exercise

Yes, I did find some typos, but overall, I find my entries from the past few years, (though they be a bit infrequent at times), interesting and useful when reflecting on that time in my life. Also, reading some old Idol entries, I must admit, the thought, "Damn...I wrote that?" may have crossed my mind a few times in a completely self indulgent and narcissistic way.

If anyone is interested in reading some of them, feel free to clickity click through my tags. The "Courtney" tagged, (named for my older sister), provides some particularly interesting reading.

Ok. Back to your regularly scheduled lives.

A post where perhaps I pontificate too much

I'm known as one of those people who enjoys long, wordy novels. I'm usually more concerned with how something is written rather than what happens plot wise. I find myself more interested in the "why" of a person's actions rather than the "what", which I feel is the point of writing. I love words; they open someone up and scoop out their inner workings, displaying them on pages for everyone to see.

This, I think, is the reason why the book The Hours by Michael Cunningham touched me so deeply. It is an interesting task to take one day in the life of three women in three time periods and link them together with chains of life, death, and yellow roses. It says a lot about how so many of us live for other people. We dwell in the light of the expectations of others and so rarely say aloud how we feel. Sometimes, perhaps, we get so lost in that light, we can't interpret how we truly feel. Women, in particular, are wont to live in that space. Whether we are inherently that way or we are bred to be so, I still don't know. This book suggests that it is a bit of both, and is a very unobtrusive portrail of such internal struggles. It is worth a read.

To introduce myself

This morning was when I made the final decision to sign up. As a result, this week 0 topic is a little late, but I hope I'm not the only one who is a bit behind. (There may or may not have been some confusion over a time change...shah...don't tell on me).

Everyone approaches this topic in different ways every season. Some use it as an opportunity to poetically reveal hints about themselves, and some simply outline the basics. I was slightly more poetic in last year's introduction, but figure I'll keep it simple this go round.
12 Tidbits About Briley

I am a Virginia native, but have been transplanted to Ruston Louisiana, and am surprisingly loving small town life.
Nothing comes in-between me and my friends...or chocolate.
Twenty-four is my favorite age so far.
Riding horses is a recently acquired passion of mine.
Ovens used to frighten me...stop judging me. I'm getting over it.
Dogs, (particularly my amazing German Shepherd guide dog, Wrangler), gives me a reason to smile even when I am at my lowest points.
Ultimately, my goal is to merge my music career and my passion for helping blind children receive the best education possible.
Change is something on which I thrive.
Trust is something I do not give easily.
Ironing relaxes me...laundry, however, is the bane of my existence.
On top of my head sits chocolate brown hair...for now.
Night is my favorite time of the day, though here lately, I require more sleep.

These are just tiny morsels of what I am. I hope this peaks your interest to keep reading and voting week after week.

 The Love I know by Pfr from Very Best Of PFR (Rating: 0)

A fun new way to waist time on the internet!

It's a monthly writing contest that is really awesome. There are a lot of great writer's, and you generally get good feedback for your writing. While all contests of this form are unavoidably a popularity contest of some kind, I don't feel as if I'm at a huge disadvantage because I don't have 4123 friends on my list or because I don't have time to keep up with the 1526372 comments in the daly conversational posts. I'm not trying to make any stabs at LJ Idol at all. I think it's a great contest, and I will enter again next season. I just always felt a little out of the loop because of those reasons. I have made some good friends from the experience though, for which i am greatful. I digress. This new community even has an official editing team. There's an art contest too, which, I can't fully appreciate, but the thought is nice. Voting is community only, but you all should take a look.