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LJ Idol, Week 7, Hope

I've spent the past three days attempting to write this entry on hope. It has taken many forms in my various drafts; a small girl who disappears from her bed, an angel who saved me from death, an abandoned cat…

I've finally decided to put profundity aside and share what hope is for me.

Hope is in Emily's hugs and Rachel's prayers. Hope is in the text message from Carrie to make sure I'm awake for class. Hope is in the box of fudge from Carlie who knew it would make me smile. Hope is in the voicemails from Blessing asking where I am when I've disappeared for hours on end. Hope is in Domonique's hands when she makes me food when I haven't eaten for two days.

Hope flows from the chosen family I have around me, filling up the emptiness I battle every day. I thank them for this hope, for keeping me alive when I couldn't. This hope is my anchor, and now they know it.