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If you love me you will...


I'm doing ok, (not in danger of elemination I don't think,) but if you've read my entry and you enjoyed it, then take two seconds and vote!
There are some other awesome entries too.
tijuanagringo's entry
is my favorite out of them. It's unique in voice and style, and I think it deserves more attention than it is getting in the polls.
I will post links to more of my favorites later.
The polls close Monday, so vote!

PS. We have this little thing called our presidential election coming up in November, and you all should vote for that too, (if you're a U.S citizen of course.) No matter who you support, it's vital that you make your voice heard. We can't complain about what's wrong in this country if we don't vote.

Ok I'm off my soap box now.

Aren't you all proud of me? I learned how to do nifty links! Huray for people that are smarter than me and hold my hand through the LJ code process.