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I haven't asked in a long time, but...

I poured my heart out for the Idol entry this week. I've been pretty good this season by not clogging your friends lists with pleas for votes. I'm getting by fine in the polls, but I did work hard on this entry and would like some extra votes to float to me if you enjoyed it. It only takes a second or two.


Love you all.

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Sidebar: Heartburn feels odd. It's almost like lava is rolling about in your chest but you have no control over it.


Have a link to vote for my first second chance Idol entry. I was all early for the first two deadlines, so please do not make my efforts be in vain, unless you thought it was horrible...then you don't have to vote for me.


Good night my lovelies.

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It is that time again folks. Time to cast your
in this weeks LJ Idol competition.
I wrote a short piece from the life of my older sister, and it forced me to examine my own life and choices. If you haven't read it, take a look at my
sexual ethics

The quality of writing this week, overall, was wonderful. I have a few reccomendations for those that may not be following the contest, (yes, I know that is a lot of entries), but they are just a small sample of the great things you'll find by heading over there and checking out the others.

First, a complex piece from rejeneration under the topic sexual ethics
I implore you to embrace the topic about which she writes, as well as the beautiful writing. It is disturbing, but that is the job of good fiction.

For a good laugh, check out the entry by ask_a_sup
which is an amusing take on
current events

rivermirage tells a sad story about Colorado love, (or lack thereof), under the
I don't care about apathy topic.

moment of devistating beauty
brought to us by agirlnamedluna is a tribute to how beautiful our language can be used when we have a firm grasp on its potential. Brilliant, I say.

Finally, battle_kitten brings a very unique spin to the
who's that trip trapping over my LJ

I hope you enjoy these reads, and investigate your other options over at therealljidol

Horses, Distractions, and the Middle of the Spectrum

Voting is up
for therealljidol

I took my bye this week, but there are some fabulous entries.

I don't normally do reccomendations, but these three entries spoke to me this week. The talent pool is deep and wide this season, and these three are an excellent representation of the topics people are willing to tackle.

could give us all a lesson in
She doesn't have to say that she has a spiritual connection with nature...she just shows us, which to me is the brightest mark of a brilliant writer.

gives us a truely brilliant glimpse into the mind of a person with
ADD or a similar condition.

Last, but most certainly not least, there is
who shared this to the point entry on
Read it.
No, not later now...

Do take the time to read other entries as well. There is a lot of fabulous writing coming out of season 6.
I will be back next week with another entry. This pesky thing called real life got in the way this time, but I won't let it happen again, promise.

Voting, Etc.

If you got any enjoyment at all out of my LJ Idol entry for this week, (you know you laughed a little, even if it was on the inside,) please vote here


I'll remind myself how to do the neat name the link thing next week.

Also, if you have the time, do read some of the other entries. I know the list is giant, (I admit, I'm not quite all the way through it,) but there are some great writer's out there. Next week, I'll post a rec list.

In other news...we're geting a cat. His name is Cooper, and he is Domonique's physical therapist's cat. Apparently he's really sweet and wonderful. She just can't have him in her new house, so he's living outdoors at present, which saddens the animal lover deep within. I'm not sure if we can handle a pet, and I think I'm really allergic to cats, but we'll find out. If we can't keep him I at least want to find him a good home.

Not feeling well at all, so headed back to bed.

Happy Thursday.

A final plea..well for this week anyway.

Do your part and keep me in the game for LJ Idol!

Next week I'm going to start making lists of entried I like for you all to check out. there are some great writers in this game, and I figure if I can pimp myself out for votes, why not pimp others out as well.

Help me break the 40 vote mark in this weeks' poll! I'm in a tribe with some heavyweights, so help a sister out and clicky clicky. Some people look down on those who make "please vote for me" posts. I, however, as an "underdog" and new to this game, have no shame doing so. I also do not get to spend much time in the green room where a lot of people can build a fanbase. I figure this is my way of doing so. I'm not sure how effective it is, but time will tell I suppose.

Need to pack since I'm supposed to be on a plane to New York in six hours...Why am I so last minute with EVERYTHING!

I get a new dog on Wednesday! So excited.

Also spent too much money yesterday on two new pairs of shoes and a new purple shirt. Should've gotten one of those fabulous sweaters from the tommy outlet, but didn't. Lost my new $5 scarf from Target that matched my hat. Angered about this.

Ok going to sleep for approximately three seconds before I have to be awake. Pray I don't fall out of the sky tomorrow.

Feeble pleadings

Voting for LJ Idol is up

Head on over and vote for your favorites!
My entry this week was admitedly a little lame, (I know when I'm off my game,) but I want to stay in this thing. We all have off weeks. Please show your support for me and the other great writers.

PS. My room smells really weird.

PPS. I feel bad about everything sometimes and being cryptic is a good salve.