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A final plea..well for this week anyway.

Do your part and keep me in the game for LJ Idol!

Next week I'm going to start making lists of entried I like for you all to check out. there are some great writers in this game, and I figure if I can pimp myself out for votes, why not pimp others out as well.

Help me break the 40 vote mark in this weeks' poll! I'm in a tribe with some heavyweights, so help a sister out and clicky clicky. Some people look down on those who make "please vote for me" posts. I, however, as an "underdog" and new to this game, have no shame doing so. I also do not get to spend much time in the green room where a lot of people can build a fanbase. I figure this is my way of doing so. I'm not sure how effective it is, but time will tell I suppose.

Need to pack since I'm supposed to be on a plane to New York in six hours...Why am I so last minute with EVERYTHING!

I get a new dog on Wednesday! So excited.

Also spent too much money yesterday on two new pairs of shoes and a new purple shirt. Should've gotten one of those fabulous sweaters from the tommy outlet, but didn't. Lost my new $5 scarf from Target that matched my hat. Angered about this.

Ok going to sleep for approximately three seconds before I have to be awake. Pray I don't fall out of the sky tomorrow.