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Sidebar: Heartburn feels odd. It's almost like lava is rolling about in your chest but you have no control over it.


Have a link to vote for my first second chance Idol entry. I was all early for the first two deadlines, so please do not make my efforts be in vain, unless you thought it was horrible...then you don't have to vote for me.


Good night my lovelies.

Can't sleep, so am posting instead.

Hey kids!

Yes, I do live. And yes, I am doing a lot better. I had a good restful weekend singing with some great people that light up my life. the kind comments and Emails from all of you were really great too. I am back on the horse of life, and I'll be ok. You may see an occasional sad entry, but I am an artist, and it takes us a while to stop hurting. But I am not on the edge of a mental breakdown, so no worries.

In other news, the
LJ Idol poll is up
I'd really appreciate if you
would read my entry
and even if you don't vote, comment, and pass it on to your friends. I am working hard on these pieces, and while I don't need to have the top number of votes, I want enough to secure a spot in the next round. I really believe in this entry, and wouldn't ask if I didn't need some assistance promoting myself.

Ok begging over.

GOing to bed now. SO tired.

Peace and love.