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That's what I get for trying something new

Hi all,

So this week in Idolville there is a community only vote. I'm getting lots of positive feedback on my entry, but I am nearing the bottom parts of my tribe votes wise. Others just have a lot more than me, which is fine, but I'd really like to stay in the game. If you'd consider possible joining the community and tossing me a vote, I'd love you always. It is really easy and…who knows. You might meet some really neat people. I know I have. If nothing else, you can check out a ton of other talented writers as well.


I really tried to write something new for me and get out of my sad box.
Thanks for the love.

Once you join, vote vote voter vote!

 Marianne by Tori Amos from Boys For Pele (Rating: 0)

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a...

...a link to vote for me in Second Chance Idol.


I'd really love to be back in the main competition this week. To do that, I'm going to need a major kick from you guys. If you hated my entry, don't vote of course. But, if you enjoyed it, take a second and vote. I will make you cookies and muffins and all things sweet.

Much love,

Feeble pleadings

Voting for LJ Idol is up

Head on over and vote for your favorites!
My entry this week was admitedly a little lame, (I know when I'm off my game,) but I want to stay in this thing. We all have off weeks. Please show your support for me and the other great writers.

PS. My room smells really weird.

PPS. I feel bad about everything sometimes and being cryptic is a good salve.