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Second Chance Introduction

Woman, daughter, sister, aunt, best friend, future wife...

Broken, scarred, wanderer, empty...

Christian, adopted by grace, forgiven, loved, filled, renewed...

I am, (or have been), all of these things. Some pieces are seen by others, others I hold close to myself. I have a past, a story like everyone else. I am human, and that is the common ground we all share. I will tell my stories, sometimes completely truth as I recall it, others fragments of truth with fictional masks. We all have the desire to know and be known. I look forward to knowing you, and for you to take what you will from my journey.

This is my introduction for Second Chance Idol over at therealljidol

To introduce myself

This morning was when I made the final decision to sign up. As a result, this week 0 topic is a little late, but I hope I'm not the only one who is a bit behind. (There may or may not have been some confusion over a time change...shah...don't tell on me).

Everyone approaches this topic in different ways every season. Some use it as an opportunity to poetically reveal hints about themselves, and some simply outline the basics. I was slightly more poetic in last year's introduction, but figure I'll keep it simple this go round.
12 Tidbits About Briley

I am a Virginia native, but have been transplanted to Ruston Louisiana, and am surprisingly loving small town life.
Nothing comes in-between me and my friends...or chocolate.
Twenty-four is my favorite age so far.
Riding horses is a recently acquired passion of mine.
Ovens used to frighten me...stop judging me. I'm getting over it.
Dogs, (particularly my amazing German Shepherd guide dog, Wrangler), gives me a reason to smile even when I am at my lowest points.
Ultimately, my goal is to merge my music career and my passion for helping blind children receive the best education possible.
Change is something on which I thrive.
Trust is something I do not give easily.
Ironing relaxes me...laundry, however, is the bane of my existence.
On top of my head sits chocolate brown hair...for now.
Night is my favorite time of the day, though here lately, I require more sleep.

These are just tiny morsels of what I am. I hope this peaks your interest to keep reading and voting week after week.

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