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Inch by Inch

I've lost almost 20 LBS since I've been home. Now, no one start freaking out and thinking I've been starving myself. The first ten came off really quickly. I had a huge, (I'm talking reality TV show drastic, change in diet. I'm now even to the point where I don't have to write down all of my calories. My brain has gotten used to eating so much more healthily and I can self regulate.

The pounds have come off, but the inches are slow. My mom is the opposite, and I wonder why that is. I've lost a lot from my arms and back and face which is good. I've lost three inches from my waste but I'd like to lose two or three more. However, nothing, (I mean ziltch), has come off of my hips. They are much more toned and look good in a pair of jeans, but I'm getting back to that troubled spot where my waste is ten inches smaller than my hips so clothes fit strangely. If I could just get rid of two or three inches there I'd be completely satisfied with my body. I don't mind being a woman with some shape. Corbb likes it that way and he's been with me at my heaviest. I love the fact that I look like a woman and not a stick figure. I'm not obsessing in an unhealthy way, promise.

That said, what can I do? I eat right, I do all kinds of leg lifts and squats and marching...everything I can think of for that area and it doesn't seem to be helping much. I try to do heavy kardio but that has always been hard for me. I get headaches if I'm on the treadmill for too long, which seems odd. I don't even really get overly tired. I just get dizzying, painful headaches. I'm drinking plenty of water, having a little snack before in case it was a blood sugar issue...nothing works. I try to do crunches but they've never really done much good. I'm as "strong as an ox" as my mom says, so my body is used to hard work. Help! Suggestions please!

Most of my old clothes fit again. Some fit great...except for the hip area, but I know a woman's shape can change as she gets older so I'm going to accept this.

Off I go to...well...be a lazy banana. Mom is going to a funeral this morning, so no church today :(.

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