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LJ Idol, Week 8, Rant

If I hear one more upper-middle-class sixteen-year-old bitch cow moan and groan about how their parents make their life horrible, I'm going to shove them in front of a giant, yellow bus.

Your parents grounded you for skipping chem? They dared to ask you where you're going last Saturday night? They actually ask to see your report card at the end of the term? To Hell with them for giving two shits about you and your future.

Not everyone is as fortunate as you to have parents that give a damn. There are people your age taking care of four or five younger siblings because their parents are dead or in jail. There are kids your age who would give their teeth to go to a clean, white-bread school where there are more than thirty-two books in the library. There are kids your age dying of curable diseases, but their dad can't afford health insurance to get them treatment.

Take a good, hard look in the mirror, and think about where you would be if your parents weren't around. Your life doesn't seem so hard anymore, does it.

Is your Ipod suddenly heavier in the pocket of your Holister jeans? Is that $50 you got for your birthday last week burning a hole in your new leather wallet? Does the ringing of your Iphone cause your ears pain? Are the items of privelage you've taken for granted suddenly to much to handle?

Do you even know how the words "thank you" taste?

I doubt you do.

Who let the greedy in, who left the needy out,
who made this salty soup, tell 'em we're very hungry now for a sweeter fare...
-Joni Mitchell "Banquet"