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It is a sad world in which we live

Does anyone else find it ironic that so many people who call themselves "pro life" are also "pro death penalty"? If life is sacred, that principal must apply to all life. It is as if we want the government to say, "A life is valid until it does something we deem horrible enough to justify destroying that life." Our justice system is not designed to be a system of revenge. Furthermore, it is run by human beings which by our very nature are fallible, imperfect creatures. We make mistakes, even in death penalty trials.

Does anyone else find it deplorable that the majority of individuals on death row are those who couldn't afford adequate representation? I'm not saying at all that all are innocent and that we should let killers wander the streets. I'm simply saying that we need to be honest about the possibility that humans can make mistakes. If one innocent person dies, that is one too many. A system that is supposedly built on justice should be above an eye for an eye.

This is what happens when I watch too much Law & Order.

 Four Cops Shot by Law & Order from Law & Order, Season 20 (Rating: 0)