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Fantasy 1

My attempt at a public update that is not LJI related...well not much anyway.

First thing's first:
Who wants to apply their handy dandy talents to creating me a sleek, custom LJ layout? I have one now that is just from the pile of things available to those of us who are still on the basic account, but I want something that represents me more accurately, complete with clever link text.

Anyone? I'll love you always and give you cookies and eternal life...ok so I can't make good on the second promise probably, but I can do cookies.
No seriously, I'll mail you cookies.

Second thing's second:
Cooper cat is having issues. A little background for you all; he is a 5-year-old cat, lived with his previous owner for 4 years as an indoor cat. After she moved, he was living outside for a few months, (declawed I might add, which angers me immensely, but moving on), and moved in with us about a month ago. We discovered he came to us with a bit of a bladder infection, and he's been on a course of antibiotics for five days. He is still relieving on our beds, his pee is acrid smelling, and I don't think it is marking, (since everything I've read about that says he'd be standing with his tail up rather than crouching in a eurinating position, and I haven't seen him do that). On the other hand, I am a blindo, so I might be missing something. He did hop on my bed this morning, and before I could pull him off, he peed. He's also deficated on my roommate's bed.

Any suggestions or thoughts any cat owners could provide would be helpful and much appreciated. Neither my roommate or I have ever had a cat, and we thought we were getting an adult cat with no health or behavioral issues, so needless to say, this is dissappointig and very frustrating. He's a really sweet and lovable kitty though, so I'd rather not get rid of him. If we can't resolve these issues though, we might have too. I can't afford a lot of vet bills and the drycleaning costs for my comforter.

I'm having trouble thinking of an LJI post...*runs off to plot LJ Idol and world domination*

Voting, Etc.

If you got any enjoyment at all out of my LJ Idol entry for this week, (you know you laughed a little, even if it was on the inside,) please vote here


I'll remind myself how to do the neat name the link thing next week.

Also, if you have the time, do read some of the other entries. I know the list is giant, (I admit, I'm not quite all the way through it,) but there are some great writer's out there. Next week, I'll post a rec list.

In other news...we're geting a cat. His name is Cooper, and he is Domonique's physical therapist's cat. Apparently he's really sweet and wonderful. She just can't have him in her new house, so he's living outdoors at present, which saddens the animal lover deep within. I'm not sure if we can handle a pet, and I think I'm really allergic to cats, but we'll find out. If we can't keep him I at least want to find him a good home.

Not feeling well at all, so headed back to bed.

Happy Thursday.