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The Drum, Brigits_Flame Week 1

The Drum

Since I could speak,
I lived inside the drum.
The beat of expectations pounded
in my brain,
through my blood,
to my heart.
Be brave,
be bright,
be beautiful.

For the sake of love,
I lived inside the drum.
The beat of standards sounded
in my glass,
through my scars,
to my bed.
Be sweet,
be small,
be silent.

After twenty years,
I left the drum behind.
My new rhythm resounding
in my eyes,
Through my smile,
To my words.
Be bold,
be strong,
be free.

ETA: This is my entry for week 1 of the contest over at brigits_flame It's a community only vote, but feel free to join! There's a new contest every month, as well as editing opportunities, and a chance to read some really neat writing. Spread the word!