Hejira (____hejira) wrote,

Mac Musings

I'm posting this from my new shiny MacBook Pro. I am confident that in time, I will get better at using it.

Right at the moment though, I fail on an epic level. I did set it up correctly, but there are simple things I feel I should be able to accomplish that I can't seem to figure out.

1. I want to go to the menu bar in an application… Why can't I figure out what command this is?

2. I want to expand items in a tree view, (IE. Itunes Radio).

3. IChat made my account in Jabber (even though I don't even have a Jabber account), not Google talk…and now I can't fix it or delete the account or create a new one.

4. Apple Mail isn't receiving mail…

I feel that I have a good understanding of how to effectively operate Voiceover… It is the Mac itself that seems so foreign. I know there are keyboard commands built into the Mac that aren't necessarily VO related, but figuring out what those are is a challenge.

I don't remember having this much trouble when I rented the Mac.

Is there a command to go to a regular Mac Help menu? For some reason I remember command M being the menu bar command, but that is clearly wrong since that minimizes applications.

All of that said, I expected a learning curve, and there are resources out there for anyone thinking of making this transition. It is a completely different way of viewing things, but all in all, it has been a positive learning experience.
Tags: macbook, technical difficulties

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