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Real life ate me.

My run in therealljidol is complete for now. I hate that for the second season in a row, I'm not out due to lack of votes, but due to other issues. I had exams, then I traveled to Virginia, and have been a lot more busy than I firt thought I would be.

I'm going to continue to vote and play the home game. Who knows. Maybe I'll make it back in later in the game.

I am alive though, and my MacBook Pro comes today! I, needless to say, am most excited.

If anyone has any resources on how to use GarageBand with Voiceover 3 and ILife 9, please let me know. I just can't find any. I found a lot about ILife 8 and Leopard... but other than that, nothing.

Huggs to all, and a merry Christmas/OtherSignificantHoliday.
Tags: christmas, life, lj idol, macbook pro

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