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Clickity click click

It is that time again folks. Time to cast your
in this weeks LJ Idol competition.
I wrote a short piece from the life of my older sister, and it forced me to examine my own life and choices. If you haven't read it, take a look at my
sexual ethics

The quality of writing this week, overall, was wonderful. I have a few reccomendations for those that may not be following the contest, (yes, I know that is a lot of entries), but they are just a small sample of the great things you'll find by heading over there and checking out the others.

First, a complex piece from rejeneration under the topic sexual ethics
I implore you to embrace the topic about which she writes, as well as the beautiful writing. It is disturbing, but that is the job of good fiction.

For a good laugh, check out the entry by ask_a_sup
which is an amusing take on
current events

rivermirage tells a sad story about Colorado love, (or lack thereof), under the
I don't care about apathy topic.

moment of devistating beauty
brought to us by agirlnamedluna is a tribute to how beautiful our language can be used when we have a firm grasp on its potential. Brilliant, I say.

Finally, battle_kitten brings a very unique spin to the
who's that trip trapping over my LJ

I hope you enjoy these reads, and investigate your other options over at therealljidol
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