Hejira (____hejira) wrote,

A fun new way to waist time on the internet!

It's a monthly writing contest that is really awesome. There are a lot of great writer's, and you generally get good feedback for your writing. While all contests of this form are unavoidably a popularity contest of some kind, I don't feel as if I'm at a huge disadvantage because I don't have 4123 friends on my list or because I don't have time to keep up with the 1526372 comments in the daly conversational posts. I'm not trying to make any stabs at LJ Idol at all. I think it's a great contest, and I will enter again next season. I just always felt a little out of the loop because of those reasons. I have made some good friends from the experience though, for which i am greatful. I digress. This new community even has an official editing team. There's an art contest too, which, I can't fully appreciate, but the thought is nice. Voting is community only, but you all should take a look.
Tags: brigits_flame, writing

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