Hejira (____hejira) wrote,

Don't unfriend me, I do exist!

Sometimes, when I am on long breaks such as this, I avoid all forms of electronic communication. Not on purpose really. It's just that my life is so controled by it most of the year by necessity, so when I can, I detox. I promise, once the new semester starts, I'll be a little LJ addict again.

Christmas was pleasant. I shall do a huge update one day with all of the tales of my crazy family. Now, I'm about to head out to North Carolina to visit some family. It's 70 outside, and I'm not wearing sox.

O, and I got one of those new swanky Ipods that talks. Woot woot! Does anyone know ow to make Itunes just fill your Ipod with whatever it will hold? I had to go through and uncheck stuff until it would let me sync it, which took forever. Finding 8 gigs of stuff to uncheck takes a good minute. Any advice would be great.

Much love,

PS. Not in the mood for edit. Please forgive any typos.
Tags: christmas, ipod, life, warm weather

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