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$35,000 for this?

Today in Intro to Recording Technology, I learned that you can indeed fit 14 people in a whisper room with minimal discomfort...

Mr. I-am-perpetually-stuck-in-traffic-and-have=no-idea-how-to-oporate-a-mac-even-though-I-claim-to-be-an-expert-at-pro tools
left the class for fifteen minutes looking for the right cable, got the wrong one, so disappeared again. The entire class except for one loser piled in the whisper room. A great lesson for so much money a year.

This class is so pointless.

In other news, the meds are working. I'm not quite so crazy anymore, which is nice. I still have a lot to work through, but for now, I'm ok.
Still need to write my LJ Idol entry...hmm..."hope."...wish I hadn't used my bye.
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