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These are a few lyrics my friend Rachel wrote. I can't remember all of them, so I'll post the full song later. She wrote this shortly after returning from a trip to Africa.


I shudder
cuz I don't feel pain.
Bullets fly
and I am Caine.
Cry, Caine, cry.

Cry for the brother you killed,
for the grave that anger filled,
the land wn't rest until
you cry.
But the Lord is able,
breathing life into the grave,
breathing love into a man,
breathing life into our hate,
so cry.

Cry, for the murder was your own,
no pulse grips hearts of stone,
we die when we're alone,
so cry.
But the Lord is able,
breathing life into the grave,
breathing love into a man,
breathing love into our hate, so cry...

That's all I can remember right this second, but they're still so powerful. By staying silent and ignoring the desolation and suffering in third world countries, we might as well be killing them. We kill them with our silence. We are content to stay in our comfortable, air conditioned bubble and wait for someone else to do something about it. I know there are poor, hurting people in this country too. 8 out of 10 homeless people in the USA is under the age of 9. How sad is that? I know I don't have a ton of money, but I have a lot more than many.

If you want to help, check out Compassion International. I'll post a link later, but you can sponsorr a child for $32 a month to make sure they have schooling, food, medical care, Etc. It's a very reputable and honest organization, (Rachel's dad is a pastor, and works with them a lot.) I know most of us college students say that we son't have $32 a month. But you probably hae an extra $10. Get with some friends and sponsor a child. You get to send letters back and forth, and really see how he or she is growing. I canceled my Blockbuster Online subscription. I'm not telling you that so you'll feel bad, or to make myself seem awesome. I'm not awesome. I'm all too often selfish, complacent, and don't do nearly enough to reach out to people, even in my own community, who so desperately need help. I'm telling you that so you can think about the things in your life that you might really like to have, or really want...but you don't need them. I didn't need 4 movies at a time or unlimited access to movies I barely have time to watch. It's not wrong to enjoy things that you have, but realize that most of us have so much, much more than we need.

Bath time.
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