December 12th, 2009


LJ Idol, Week 7, One Touch

Dear ------,

I still dream about you.

In the place between sleep and awake, I find you there, tiny and faceless. Sometimes I am in a vast forest, and I see you lying under a tree, bathed in inky shadow. Other times, I find you on an island shore, your little voice piercing the silence and salty sea air, calling out for me to save you.

I always try to reach you.

I run through the tangled woods, legs pumping furiously, heart knocking against my tightening chest.

I swim through the choppy green water, hands clawing at angry surf, lungs protesting against my attempts.

Yet I can never close the gap between us.

I awake in the dark, sweat pouring from me, angry tears spilling onto my cheeks.

My eyes long to see your precious face, and my voice begs to soothe your tears. But most of all, my arms ache to hold you, hands crying out to feel your soft skin.

I know I haven't earned this privilege; the sacred right to comfort you like a mother would. I have left you somewhere I can never go, and this is my penance. I don't deserve you.

Not even in my dreams.

A/N: Thanks to clauderainsrm for extending a bit of grace to me in the midst of a frustrating situation. I do appreciate it so.

Well...I'll take what I can get

Well... clauderainsrm has offered to let me stay in another week, (he can't edit the poll for this week...wrote an emotionally taxing entry for nothing I guess). But still, I get to stay in. I also had to agree to forefit a spot in the top ten if I made it that far. Suppose he doesn't want it to look like I got special treatment, which I understand. Maybe I'll feel different about it if I make it that far, but for now, I'm ok with it. I hope people at least read the entry, and vote for others.

I will post the poll with recs later.

Love to all.