October 31st, 2009


Horses, Distractions, and the Middle of the Spectrum

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I took my bye this week, but there are some fabulous entries.

I don't normally do reccomendations, but these three entries spoke to me this week. The talent pool is deep and wide this season, and these three are an excellent representation of the topics people are willing to tackle.

could give us all a lesson in
She doesn't have to say that she has a spiritual connection with nature...she just shows us, which to me is the brightest mark of a brilliant writer.

gives us a truely brilliant glimpse into the mind of a person with
ADD or a similar condition.

Last, but most certainly not least, there is
who shared this to the point entry on
Read it.
No, not later now...

Do take the time to read other entries as well. There is a lot of fabulous writing coming out of season 6.
I will be back next week with another entry. This pesky thing called real life got in the way this time, but I won't let it happen again, promise.