October 22nd, 2009


Voting, Etc.

If you got any enjoyment at all out of my LJ Idol entry for this week, (you know you laughed a little, even if it was on the inside,) please vote here


I'll remind myself how to do the neat name the link thing next week.

Also, if you have the time, do read some of the other entries. I know the list is giant, (I admit, I'm not quite all the way through it,) but there are some great writer's out there. Next week, I'll post a rec list.

In other news...we're geting a cat. His name is Cooper, and he is Domonique's physical therapist's cat. Apparently he's really sweet and wonderful. She just can't have him in her new house, so he's living outdoors at present, which saddens the animal lover deep within. I'm not sure if we can handle a pet, and I think I'm really allergic to cats, but we'll find out. If we can't keep him I at least want to find him a good home.

Not feeling well at all, so headed back to bed.

Happy Thursday.