October 17th, 2009


My atempt at a general life updeate

I'm atempting a post from Semagic. I don't see a way to update my music and mood using this client. Feel free to correct me if I'm being an idiot.

Domonique got a phone call from a random DC number last night, and took a survey involving her Spanish speaking ability, whether or not we have a personal septic tank, and ... the last odd questions escape me, but I assure you it was just as random as the first two. For her efforts, she was rewarded with a 3-day, 2-night crues to the Bahamas for 2. Naturally, I am most pleased. I have never been on a crues before. So, either she's just had her identity stolen, or we're going to have a fun weekend soon.

I took Wrangler to the vet yesterday. I really love the vets at the animal hospital we use. He has a mild ear infection, but the doctor thought he felt something odd in his bladder area, so he did an ultrasound for free. Nothing is wrong, thank goodness, but it was a nice gesture. Wrangler actually likes going there too.

In the "O my gosh, Briley is wierd" news for the day, babies are following me everywhere. People in my life and on LJ are having babies, commertials seem to be on all the time about babies, babies seem to always be behind me in line...a woman in my Wednesday night class brought her 11 day old baby last week. All of this is leading to some intense dreams involving babies...all of this to say that I am 23, and my damn clock feels like it is ticking. I know I have a career ahead of me, I know I'm not in a position to have one right now, I know I want to be married and settled before I even go there...but I really really really want one sometimes, and it is starting to get rediculous.

Random entry over now.