January 14th, 2009


We're all so deep and superficial between the forceps and the stone.

Who doesn't like a good Joni Mitchell lyric for a subject line. To me, it is one of the deepest and most profound statements I've heard. I hope one day I will write a lyric like that.
In other news, I FINALLY am registered for classes. After a large daboccle that involved unnecessary holds, financial aid workers who are a few light bulbs short of a Christmas tree, single section classes, and the near shedding of blood, I am in 16 hours of glory. I'm just praying I can get into this junior cornerstone, or I'm absolutely...well a word that isn't savory for younger viewers.

With my brain being a little less out of control now, I'm fiding it hard to write, both in here and in music. This may not make sense to some, but for me, when my brain is "out of control," in most ways, it thrives creatively. I don't think this is a unique phenomenon, but it is strange nonetheless.

Must depart. Will finish later.


The Good News: I get to take a songwriting class with Ginnie Owens.

The Bad News: I don't get to graduate until August.

That is all for now.

God is God, and I am not. Comforting, I must say.