December 13th, 2008



I wish there was the slightest chance I could be let back into the Lj Idol competition. the power of letting some people back into the game has been granted to a player, and I pray it might be me. I'm not the most active in the green room, or the most political player. But I had consistently good entries, a decent amount of votes, and I enjoyed doing it. Knowing that people were reading kept me writing, and not just for the contest. It is in poor taste to pimp myself out too much, but if anyone knows how I could wiggle back in, please let me know. I was so disappointed when I missed the deadline due to poor internet access at guide dog school. It isn't an excuse, but I couldn't check what the topic was, or dictate my entry over the phone to a friend to post. That would've been nuts. I just want to opportunity to make it farther...that's all.

Bed now...if I can ever get comfortable.