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i really hate not being to eat hardly any sugar
and i really hate too much salty food

damn hypoglycemia

(i like my mood icon's face)
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i hate when you
always say something
and then one time when you
say it
someone goes
no you dont
come up wiht your own thing
you phrase stealing african prostitute

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so i was sitting on my chair like 45 seconds ago
and i smelled paola and lorenas freezer
and got a tad excited
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so marias party was pretty damn awsome.
surprize guest=quite a pleasent surprize.
her neighbors a perv adn so are his brothers.
danced wiht him anyways.
slept over
so did lore pao katherine and stephanie
me and steph had "deep" conversation at 5 in the morning
sandwiches for breakfast
mom got mad blabalb whats new.

he's driving fast cause he never did a thing slow

ok sooo umm today was great.
i wore my penis shirt.
buddy week starts today. my buddy is jon H.
people say they dont liek him. but he seems liek a pretty cool kid.
i made lots of new friends today.
made nick a necklace
he said i had maid shoes. hah
then we went to chilis.

soo ummm. ok heres the deal, if you dont go to towncenter tonight
i will personally kick your ass bone.

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shes got pictures on her wall. of the all the girls she wish she was.

so today was pretty awesome.
school school school ect. ect. ect. i think i like this boy ect.ect.ect
after school projects jwfhfa the usual. then kayla (from amhs)
decides to invite me to go meet the panthers players
because shes just cool like that
and had extra tickets
blablabla apparantly hockey guys are fucking gorgeous
and im going to her brothers hockey games
with her.
got like 9 signatures on my pants
one on my shoe
went to mc donalds
her moim is super sweet
picture tomarow
how exciting
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wow today was just terrible.
mass was so extremely sad you cant even imagine.

i dont think i have ever heard the halls so silent.
except feet walking and noses running.
i dont think ive cried so hysterical in school before.
or seen so many people cry at once.
nick and michael are soooooo fucking sweet.
knowing him or not,the entire school was effected.
what a horrible day at archbishop mccarthy

rest in peace matt erick hughes

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ok so today. wow. awesome. school was ok. blblablablaa fast forward. went to the concert. unwanted thoughts did uhhh, not so good. merge did really good. the drummer was soooooo cute. breaking tides did AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i reminded petie to shake his ass. i saw sooooooo many people. it was quite a random gruop of people. paola pulls random nugget boxes filled with french fries out of now where. kiki loves to hug. gabi knows kiki. that was unexpeted. em and kiki danced. lore went with gabi and tico to tina's house. me and paola went with justin. her on and off friends. i love that kid. liek 15 people were there. smirnoff and mike hard lemonade. gabi wouldnt let me have any. im responsible. Justin bet me 5 bucks i wouldnt jump in the pool wiht all my clothes. he lost.

all in all i heart today

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ok so this weekend equals amazing!! and this birthday equals best birthday ever!!
friday, i got to shool and gina maria and stephanie had gotten me ballons!!! i lost one though :(
school was ok blablabla. got home went to amrias with steph. funfunfunfunfun. saturday left early early for rolando !!!:):):):). got to the losada residence. i LOVE LOVE LOVE those people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hung out, went to this other my family and the losada family went to some othe r families house. gabi has down syndrome. went back to their house. slept. disney on sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sgdfgdslgsdli!!!!! sooo much fun. natalia and daniel are the funniest people alive. gbai got lost in disney. natalia got sexually harrassed. their entire family+my entire family is set on the fact that me and daniel will get married. yea sure we will. dinner, more disney, fireworks in the middle of magic kingdom on my b day was amazazing. lots of people called me :):):):
ok so im done. all in all this birtdhay was amazing, the end

and yes i do feel the need to repter myself.

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