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Everything looks perfect from far away.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]


(no subject) [Sep. 3rd, 2007|07:43 am]
Why can't I get a decent latte in this city??????

Me & Jerry broke up. My decision, but definitely mutual heartbreak.
I feel like we just let each other down,
I suppose we both still have lots of growing up to do.
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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2007|09:47 pm]
A few of my favorite pictures from Boston, Wolcott fair, randoms...Collapse )
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What Do You Have To Say? - Photography: The Best Advice [Aug. 28th, 2007|08:13 pm]
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What's the best advice you've given or gotten for taking good photos?

Don't fall victim to "Dead-Center Syndrome." 90% of the time, especially when it comes to landscape or scenery photos, they will look much more professional and "natural" if you don't put the main object directly in the middle of the picture, but instead of to the left or the right of the frame.
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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2007|08:06 pm]
I hate Jerry's school situation -------> I'm helping him fill out his FAFSA.

I hate when my sister steals my clothes -------> She cleaned my ENTIRE room today, cleaner than it's ever been. Ever.

I hate that NY is trying to make me pay ANOTHER $300 for some ticket I got like 49 years ago -------> Fuck that fucking state.

I hate the way my medicine makes sex suck. -------> If it has to suck, I'd only want it to suck with one guy, the one I'm with.

I hate that my bank/credit card missing -------> Stacy found it when she cleaned my room.

I hate that I ate bad over the weekend -------> I went to the gym today & it felt good.

I hate that my headphones are missing -------> Bought some cheap ones today.

I hate that every campground in the tri-state area is fully booked this weekend -------> Me & Jerry have fun everywhere we go.

I hate that I feel so sweaty & gross right now -------> I'm going to take a shower.
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2007|06:12 pm]
I wish school would start already!
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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2007|10:23 am]
Oyster Fest = beautiful weather & lots of fun with Stacey. I LOVE hanging out with her!! I bought a tye dye shirt, a toe ring, a hemp necklace (I know, I know.... but I promise never to wear them all at the same time!). I got my mom an ornament too.

Wolcott fair = freezing cold, but a good time with Dan & Nicole & some sweet goats. Afterward I went to Mike's party because Ben & Ash were there but it was kind of lame, mostly because I was very tired & couldn't erally drink because of....

BOSTON ON SUNDAY!!!! Everything worked out so amazingly, Steph needed a ride back to Boston so she came with us. We (me, her, Jerry) spent the day together up there. She showed us around and helped us park and gave us directions for after the show.. seriously, we never could have done it without her. We ended up going to the Boston public garden, the Holocaust memorial & ate lunch at the Bell-in-Hand "America's Oldest Tavern." (I exited the bar through a huge window and our bitchy waitress was less than pleased.) The Format was RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME and I danced and sang with my boyfriend and had such a freakin blast. We were home by 12:30am too which was perfect.

Man. I really love the way shit's been going lately.
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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2007|12:33 pm]
This weekend promises to be a fun one - last night I got my tattoo touched up/fixed and now it looks sweet. After that I went to the Wolcott fair with Greg & Nick, I had an awesome time. Nick went on 2 rides with me and I was so ecstatic like a kid, I love that pirate ship thing. We visited my mom too because she had a table for her business set up. Afterwards I was gonna go to Ben's but it was like 11:30 & I was beat & my foot was killing me so I read & went to sleep like a fat loser.

Today is the Oyster Fest in Milford with Stacey, then probably the Wolcott fair again, with Nicole. Tomorrow is THE FORMAT in BOSTON!!! And I get to visit Steph! ... ironically, seeing as she's lived there for 3 years & is moving back in a few days, and I always wanted to visit but never did. Better late than never? Or something .

I'm going through a love/hate relationship with this semi-chilly weather. I love fall but I'm not ready for summer to be over- MAINLY because this is the first year ever I haven't vacationed on Cape Cod... I just had no room for it. I went to lots of places though, Vermont & Maine & NYC & Montreal & Boston tomorrow. So get over it, 8 year old Danielle.
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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2007|08:12 am]
I'm having a terrible fucking morning because my boyfriend is a terrible fucking douchebag.

I want to cry but I can't because I'm here and so my whole face is aching. This isn't helping. I want to go home.
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(no subject) [Aug. 15th, 2007|01:26 pm]
1. "The Pickup Artist" is an awesome show & Jerry & I are in love. With it.

2. I am bound & determined to conquer "hard" on Guitar Hero, by the end of the summer.

3. Stacy quit her job here so we no longer work together. Toni too.

4. Wolcott fair/Boston to see The Format this weekend.

5. I am going through a mid-adolescence crisis. The smell of coffee & cologne in the morning reminds me of the days when my dad used to drive me & Stacy to day care (ironically, at the same place I work/she worked at). I don't think he wears cologne anymore. The smell of boiling macaroni reminds me of summer afternoons hanging out in my grandparents house. Crickets at night remind me of the 4th of July picnic we used to have everywhere, and staying outside all night long catching fireflies with my cousins.

6. I am happy with me, the way I look and the way I talk and the music I listen to and the way I keep my apartment and the things I can do.

7. I love Goodwill.

8. And cooking, and travelling, and collecting bumper stickers.
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(no subject) [Aug. 11th, 2007|10:17 pm]
So it's my 21st birthday again, round two-- Last night was a belated party at Tracy's.... got the most trashed I've been a LONG while, mostly due to smoking & drinking pretty much simultaneously. I give my self credit though - I passed out not 1, not 2, but 3 times (on the couch x2, bathroom floor x1 haha), and STILL revived myself each time & went back to party more.

Today was beautiful, I spent it hungover & shopped at Goodwill while I waited for Karin (Jerry's sister), Christian (his nephew) & his mom so we could go to lunch.. yes, to celebrate my birthday. After that I went shopping for hours & got my eyebrows done. Lovely, lovely day.

My boyfriend is away in Niantic doing army stuff until tomorrow night.
Jay, Heather & baby David just stopped by to visit for a few minutes.
I need to go play Guitar Hero.
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