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So my parents were away for the weekend.. coming home tonight.… - Everything looks perfect from far away.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]


[Oct. 7th, 2007|10:19 am]
So my parents were away for the weekend.. coming home tonight.

Friday I hung out with a friend from Philosophy class.. we went out to dinner & went to a farmer party in Bethlehem in a field on a huge hill. We roasted marshmallows on burning tires and I drank half a beer.

That night I came home & my sister had a couple of people over, all of whom I knew & loved... James was here! I called up Steph & she came by, Mike came over too, it was a good time. Saturday was Bill & Sam's breakfast, Goodwilling, other fun stuff with Mike. Stacey came by and I made Mike leave because I needed to talk girl shit with Stacey. We went pumpkin picking, carved them, went to Panera for dinner, lurked people on myspace, bought me some Miller Chill in hopes I can finally get into beer (and off of the hard liquor). We had so much funnnn. She left a little before 9 and I studied & cleaned til almost 1 am.. ew.

Today I am going up to Milford to go look at a car with Mike, then we are making beer & eating pizza.

Good weekend. Always is lately.