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What Do You Have To Say? - Travel: Funniest Story - Everything looks perfect from far away.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]


What Do You Have To Say? - Travel: Funniest Story [Oct. 7th, 2007|09:56 am]
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Tell us about your funniest memory while on vacation.

My sister Stacy, our friend Toni & myself went to montreal this past summer. One night me & Toni got trashed & Stacy stayed sober & went back to the hotel. Next thing we know, me & Toni are standing in some random guys' hotel bathroom, freaking out-- flushing the toilet, running the bathtub, overhead fan & sink to drown out our talking. We were trying to figure out how to get OUT. We finally did, with LOTS of arguing & the excuse that my sister was worried.

It took us forever to find our way back to the hotel (we got there a little after 6am!), but when we finally did find our way, we are rounding a corner and I'm saying in the loudest voice "Wow this is the LONGEST walk of shame I've ever taken!", and who is sitting on the bench just around the bend?? The 2 guys. Oh, and did I mention that I stole one of their t shirts from the bathroom just to remember this by in the morning, and that toni was wearing it because she was cold? The shirt was given back, words were exchanged, they thought we were lying because we said my sister was worried, but 30 minutes later we are still wandering outside their hotel.

We thought would be the end of it, but to top off the night a guy drives by, probably on his way to work, and yells out the window "YOU'RE STILL DRUNK!" We pretty much just collapsed in exhaustion/laughter and promised to never speak of that night ever again... Until right now.

And then never again!

From: oneclassybeach
2007-10-12 11:12 pm (UTC)
i laughed out loud like 70 times when i read this i love this story and im so glad its ours
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