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I am so inclined to say,
it's time to say goodbye to you,
Little Miss ____fromfaraway.

Sorry I had to drop this bomb,
but it turns out it's much cooler
to use www.daniellebaldino.com.

Hope you'll all come to visit,
And as for this ol' livejournal,
Well.. I surely will miss it.

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So my parents were away for the weekend.. coming home tonight.

Friday I hung out with a friend from Philosophy class.. we went out to dinner & went to a farmer party in Bethlehem in a field on a huge hill. We roasted marshmallows on burning tires and I drank half a beer.

That night I came home & my sister had a couple of people over, all of whom I knew & loved... James was here! I called up Steph & she came by, Mike came over too, it was a good time. Saturday was Bill & Sam's breakfast, Goodwilling, other fun stuff with Mike. Stacey came by and I made Mike leave because I needed to talk girl shit with Stacey. We went pumpkin picking, carved them, went to Panera for dinner, lurked people on myspace, bought me some Miller Chill in hopes I can finally get into beer (and off of the hard liquor). We had so much funnnn. She left a little before 9 and I studied & cleaned til almost 1 am.. ew.

Today I am going up to Milford to go look at a car with Mike, then we are making beer & eating pizza.

Good weekend. Always is lately.

What Do You Have To Say? - Travel: Funniest Story

Tell us about your funniest memory while on vacation.

My sister Stacy, our friend Toni & myself went to montreal this past summer. One night me & Toni got trashed & Stacy stayed sober & went back to the hotel. Next thing we know, me & Toni are standing in some random guys' hotel bathroom, freaking out-- flushing the toilet, running the bathtub, overhead fan & sink to drown out our talking. We were trying to figure out how to get OUT. We finally did, with LOTS of arguing & the excuse that my sister was worried.

It took us forever to find our way back to the hotel (we got there a little after 6am!), but when we finally did find our way, we are rounding a corner and I'm saying in the loudest voice "Wow this is the LONGEST walk of shame I've ever taken!", and who is sitting on the bench just around the bend?? The 2 guys. Oh, and did I mention that I stole one of their t shirts from the bathroom just to remember this by in the morning, and that toni was wearing it because she was cold? The shirt was given back, words were exchanged, they thought we were lying because we said my sister was worried, but 30 minutes later we are still wandering outside their hotel.

We thought would be the end of it, but to top off the night a guy drives by, probably on his way to work, and yells out the window "YOU'RE STILL DRUNK!" We pretty much just collapsed in exhaustion/laughter and promised to never speak of that night ever again... Until right now.

And then never again!

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First we drove all the way to Queens just to find out they sold the VW I wanted, and tried showing me some gay Jetta WHICH I HATE!!

Then this whole week I have been stressing about getting a loan to buy this other VW in Mass, FINALLY get approved and I'm all excited & when I e-mail the guy to let him know I'm all set, he tells me he sold it this morning. Great. It was on the market for like 3 months and no one wants to buy it until the day I decide I can afford it.


And I need to go on a fucking vacation, by myself.

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Is an independent woman someone who holds her own damn hair back, gets her own "just in case" bucket and provides herself with a nice big glass of water on the night stand?

If so, then I am totally who Kelly Clarkson/Destiny's Child were singing about.

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Well, yeah.

Another busy weekend of car shopping & dinner & dates & parties but I love it so whatever.

I really like who I am becoming. And if that makes me self-centered, then I guess I love that about myself too.

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I bought a 30GB iPod.

Stacey Stevens is my best girlfriend & I love her. I wear all of her clothes & we have sleep overs & binge drink (then eat) together & laugh too loud about it the next day. Sucks she lives so far :( Saturday night we went to new haven & I danced with about 20 guys who all looked like the Gotti brothers, and one of their names was "Andrew" so that's just what I called all of them. Then Sunday we went apple picking (me & Stacey, not Gotti brothers).

It's very tentative, but I may be getting a new car.. a VW Golf :) (But probably not, with my luck.) Either way, I get to go up to Queens to check it out with a friend of mine, then hang out/go to dinner in the city which is awesome.

I got chosen to be "In the Spotlight" at work!!! It's where they take your picture & do a little bio on you and frame it in the lobby. Haha so corney, but I really danced around my office and made a huge deal when they asked me.

So since I got my tattoo touched up, it had been doing this really weird thing where when I flexed my foot, it felt like all the tendons were creaking, and then it started hurting all the time because I was constantly doing it. I got nervous because some people at work thought it might be scar tissue under the skin rubbing against the tendons.. so Chris ultra-sounded it (like mini vibrations you can't even feel) at work a few times & now it's completely healed, which is such a relief.

Philosophy is a cool class, definitely atleast the easiest text book I ever read.. just because I can actually get into it.

yaaaaaa gotta go

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Yea so last night I met up with Stacey for happy hour at Orange Ale House, then we spent the rest of the night at archie's in milford. I ended up crashing here, we went to the beach this morning and now I am updating my journal from her room, still in my bathing suit, with ice cold water, still pretty hung over, waiting for her to get out of the shower so we can go to panera.

I am living the life! Hahahah