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____fadedmemory's Journal

♡♡my heart is dead and so are you
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a static lullaby, acoustic guitar, acoustic guitars, adema, alcohal, alexisonfire, anything acoustic, apple juice, as i lay dying, band practice, barbie, bass guitarists, beach, beaches, being told your pretty, being told youre loved, black eyeliner, blink 182, blondes, blue converse, boys, braceletts, bubble baths, caffeine, camera, cell phone, cherry coke, close friends, crushes, cuddling, dancing, dashboard confessional, day dreaming, daydreaming, dead poetic, dreaming, ducks, electric guitar, emery, emo, emocore, eyeliner, fairy dust, fastfood, friends, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, galaxies, getting a letter, getting my way, greenday, guys, guys calling you, halloween, hate being alone, hawthorne heights, hearing your favorite song, hot guys, hot showers, hugging, immaturity, incubus, it dies today, jacuzzis, jamba juice, junk food, kisses, laughing, lip gloss, makeup, making new friends, meeting new pple, music, my blonde friends, my chemical romance, my digital camera, neon lights, new years, orange, parties, peter pan, photo booths, photography, pink, pirates of the caribbean, poison the well, pretty pretty princess, quotes, rain, random facts, rearranigning things, rock, rufio, sawyer, scary movies, screamo, secrets, senses fail, singing, singing in the shower, singing old songs, skate parks, skaters, sleeping, sleepovers, smiling, spiderman2, staring into space, story of the year, sublime, sugarcult, summer, surfer guys, taking back sunday, taking pictures, talking, talking on the phone, talking online, the bled, the early november, the postal service, the starting line, the used, thrice, thursday, tight pants, true friends, underoath, unearth, walking in the rain, watching old movies, watching the sunset, weekends, yearbooks, yellowcard,