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I'm back [Tuesday
November 8th, at 5:42pm]
Im back on here for a lil bit mainly cuz Kendra thinks this shit is great and uhh...yuh thats why...Imma put up some new pictures in a minute...be back
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September 10th, at 11:15am]
I'm alive niggas. Yeah I know its been a long time, but I'm still alive. School and college is kickin my ass right now but I'm straight. Ummm...aint much really goin on right now. Just tryna get on the right track so I can go somewhere after I graduate. Ready to go out on my own...not sure if I'll do good but I'm ready to be out.

Hope all is well with alla yall and I'll be back.

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You know who you are [Sunday
August 28th, at 7:44am]
So I love how bitches wanna repeat my shit back to other people. Stay the fuck out the shit if you aint in it...and I'm pretty sure you know who the hell you are. It aint ya muthafuckin business to put none of my shit out to anybody...dont give a fuck if you know who the person is...internet bullshit...claimin to be in ya 20's and wanna run childish games...bitch please...keep ya instigatin ass out my shit bitch

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August 25th, at 8:53pm]
Ive been feelin pretty sick lately, dont know why, but its getting to me.

I told Ashley about the whole Kendra situation, she wants to try and work through it...adamently I told her yes, but Im not sure if Im definitely gonna put my all into it. But I'll see.

School is going well...its the first time I'm actually doin all the work the night before its due whereas I'd do it in class on the day of. My AP Chem class is good even though I didnt think I shouldve been in there. Im understanding it slowly, especially since my professor doesnt teach you anything, you have to learn it on your own. But Ill be aiight.

Ummm...besides that I got homework to do so I'm out,

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School aint out for this Summer! [Monday
August 22nd, at 4:43pm]
School School School...its so much to do but I'm actually havin a good time.

My final classes are: CW9, Philosophy Honors, AP Chem, and AP Lit...full schedule...next nine weeks I got Economics...real good.

Took my mom out to dinner last night...she loved it and I loved the fact that I made her feel good.

Ummm...I was hopin to graduate early but now that I got 2 AP classes I'm not gone be able to do that...but Ill be ok...

Next step...submitting to colleges. Whew!

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Re-cap [Wednesday
August 17th, at 9:52pm]
Aiight so for those that didnt know, which you should...my birthday passed a couple days ago...the big 1-7. Nothing big of course though...feels like any other day.

Same with the fact that I'm a senior in high school...feels the same too.

But onto that...I have all the credits I need to graduate with the exception of one class which I'm taking right now. But, I'm missing periods which means some periods I dont have any classes so I'm just roaming around school. But its all good. Hopefully that'll get fixed. But I need to start dealin with my SAT and ACT...and then lookin for scholarships and colleges and whatnot. Im not too happy about that but hey.

Kendra is still upset with me for the whole Ashley thing...she got mad at me cuz I "didnt" call or text or email anything about it to her and then when I actually call and text she doesnt respond. I have no idea what to do with this. She thinks all the stuff I told her is a lie now...which it isnt. I dont know what prompted the Ashley thing...maybe just that I wanted to be with someone who actually wanted to be with me...even though Kendra did wanna get with me...I dont know...Kendra just didnt seem interested...like I was just her real good friend, nothin more nothin less. I didnt want that, so I settled...and now I'm finidin it wasnt worth it. But...cant do nothin about it now if she's not gone answer to anything I send her.

Ummm...nothin else is goin down.

Bout to finish watch Law and Order:SVU

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August 16th, at 6:25pm]
Aiight, so I go away for like a couple days and niggas cut me off...all good. Especially the one chick who meant the most on this damn thing but its all good.

Anyways, I'm back...had to transition from work to school and now its goin good.

Not much to say right now, but Ill be back.

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Re-cap [Wednesday
August 3rd, at 5:07pm]
July 15th I asked Ashley to be my girl...she said yes.

I start school tomorrow.

Today is my sisters birthday.

The 13th is my birthday...


2 days after is a one month anniversary.

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Back back forth and forth [Saturday
July 30th, at 9:54am]
Aiight so Im findin myself holdin on to shit that dont necessarily mean anything to me...but Im bout to be done with that.

Another note...Kendra is doin her thing so once again Imma slide back and let her do that while this time I do my thing.

I talked about a girl a few entries back and how I wasnt really interested, but she's madd cool tho. I been talkin to her a lot these past couple weeks and she's tryna make it to Tampa next weekend...not this one comin up but the one after. I told her if she came I'd let her stay with me since she was drivin up to see me. So we'll see.

Remember Kool-Aid? He just called me...lmao...blast from the near past.

Im goin to Franklin's house today...might not be too smart but hey...I just wanna see his nephew.

Just me and my dad in the house this weekend which kinda sucks but hey. But yeah...Imma go clean and shower so I can get an early start...I need to go buy a fit for this dinner thing wit my job tonight...

I just came out to one of my co-workers...that was funny.

Respect Amerie

Umm [Monday
July 25th, at 9:26pm]
Im starting my Algebra 2 first semester class online tonight...but my comp is screwed and wont let me see the pages I need so I cant actually do anything tonight. All good with me cuz I'm off tomorrow so I can have all day to do whateva I missed. Lucky me.

Im feelin a co-worker.

Apparently shit went down at Jason's party after I left with some of my co-workers and his twin brother. He told me and Natalie today and we busted out laughin...only these hos at work could get caught up in shit like this...

Rundown: Courtney and Sam went to the party and got pissed drunk. So they stay there till like 7 in the morning, and Jason is in bed and is woken up by his brothers girl cryin her eyes out. Turns out Jasons brother and Sam were makin out...get this RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS GIRL! So Jason goes in and Sam and Courtney run out and leave. So he's standin there like WTF...and all of a sudden he hears ::SMACK:: His brothers girl smacked the shit out of him...but...Courtney and Sam have NO recollection of this.

But everything else is fine over here...just tryna find some ring tones to customize for Wifey...so Imma be out.

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New Amerie Layout [Sunday
July 24th, at 8:46pm]
So...the party was beyond wack. And I felt real bad but was also hella pissed. I spent like 150 and some change on a fit for this thing and only stay about an hour and some. A couple co-workers were there but we were like the only source of entertainment...so then we all decided to leave and Jason was like so upset. But oh well. It really sucked.

I talked to Shaun last night who said he was comin back this Saturday for 3 weeks...we're supposed to chill on Saturday when he gets in which is cool cuz Ill be alone in my house tryna get out somewhere.

Rapheal sent me an email...I was surprised at that. He cut his hair all off...I dunno how he'll look cuz he's got elf ears but umm...doesnt matter. Its kinda weird not bein able to call on him when Im bored and have nobody to call on really when I get bored which isnt the main reason he was around but still...yall know what I mean.

Chick in Ft. Myers is kinda goin all crazy and whatnot but whateva. Not really just dont ever say nothing.

I think Imma take my lil cousin to the movies tonight but Im not sure considering I've gotta go to work in the mornin. But we'll see. Kinda sucks cuz I didnt get to do anything with him this whole time. But we'll see.

Imma be watchin ten 5 and 6 year olds tomorrow at a huge amusement park which is gonna be crazy hard. Imagine all them lil things runnin around. But dependin on who my co-counselor will be I might have some fun.

But lemme get outta here...got some shit to do. Lmao not really but my fam from Orlando just came in so I gotta go chill with them fore they leave in a lil bit.

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Yeah yeah [Friday
July 22nd, at 5:52pm]
Whaz good yall?

Aiight so one of my co-workers is having a birthday party tomorrow night at his place. Most of my co-workers are going, and there's gonna be some other people there. Thing is...I'll be the youngest by at least 3 years. Im not really concerned about that cause first off I dont look my age whatsoever, and I dont act my age so that should be cool. Jason is turning 24...which means there's gonna be a lotta heavy shit goin down. I dunno what Imma get myself into but Im ready for it.

Imma go to the mall tomorrow and buy me a fit for this thing. Straight knowin that I got my own money to spend on what I want now.

I gotta braid my sisters hair tonight so I can go tomorrow. Should be real cool. I'm just waiting on Jason (my co-worker) to IM me with directions and all that good ish. But yeah.

Went to Chuck E. Cheese today...that was cool till some lil brat who I asked to hold my tickets gave them away. But whatever. So yeah I ditched work 30 min to an hour early cuz I was tired and had a head ache. Nobody noticed cuz it was madd crazy and I kept low-key today...or at least I hope they didnt.

But right now I need to take a shower and rest so I can be good for doin the brats hair. I gotta clean tomorrow before I got anywhere tho...which kinda sucks but its still worth it. Feel me?

Ill update on whatever goes down...

Respect Amerie

July 19th, at 7:24pm]
They worked my ASSSSSSSS today. Whew! It was so hectic today and I explained what happened so many times...I dont feel like doin it again...at least not right now. So...check back later and I will have updated telling yall what happened.

But yeah. I'm glad to be home. My mom made me a Pina Colada full of rum and I'm feelin it right now...even tho I dont nevessarily drink...she wanted me to have it to calm me down. Whatever. I just hope I dont have a hang-over tomorrow cuz then the day will be worse.

I talked to Wifey allllllll day yesterday and felt so weird not having her there today especially to vent. I dont know where she disappeared to today, but I've called her like 5 times and she never answered...so dunno.

I think Imma lay down and chill. Imma listen to some music and just mellow out. My mom is bitchin right now tho and my head hurts and Im so close to cursin the bitch out so lemme get off and go in my room.

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Somebody...figure out my head for me... [Monday
July 18th, at 10:13am]
Rapheal called me last night or this morning at 5. We did our lil reminiscing thing again, but this time we told each other what we thought of our first couple dates. He told me I was too shy, but that I was a cutie so even if I didnt say anything he'd still be fine with lookin at me. In a sense I believe him, but then again I dont know...I know he's lonely. And there was like a 2 or 3 week gap between this convo and the last one. I dont know. He sent me a text tellin me he misses me a lot and that I was one in a million. I sent him one back sayin I missed him too. I swear...sometimes I feel like he's the only thing holdin me back from being a lesbian. I havent thought about gettin with any guys whatsoever since him...its only been chicks. But everytime I get the notion that he might be coming back, I start to think what if... When I'm with him or talkin to him my whole demeanor changes. Like nothin yall have ever seen. I told him about my family reunion to Myrtle Beach...and he said he would drive up to see me since he lives in South Carolina now. I want that so bad...but I dont wanna spend that weekend with him only to have to go back home alone. He said the only way he'd come back to Tampa is if the school out there doesnt accept him...and honestly even though I want him to do his best in whatever...I dont want the school to take him. Not now atleast. It sucks cuz I cant have what I want. And it sucks that he had to leave...I still dont even know why. But I do know he doesnt like being in one place for a long period of time. Ughhhh...I dunno man...I hate how I can cut him off completely but then as soon as I hear his voice every last feeling comes back. WTF?

Anyways...about the Pride thing I said last night...it was like a lil GLBT seminar about coming out and accepting when relationships wont work and being honest about when you just wanna fuck. We were late to the relationship one but we were there for the coming out part. I'm very open with my sexuality, anybody who knows me just about knows Im basically a lesbian. All my friends know except for co-workers and only cuz I dont know if having them know would jeopardize my job considering I work at a Christian-based foundation. But my mom knows even though she doesnt like it...my dad knows but he choses not to acknowledge it...my aunt and her girl knows, my cousins know, my grams...she might know. But basically I'm trying to decide if I should TELL them. Like sit them all down and tell them that I am. Officially. It really is an inconvenience to me cuz I cant be myself. But Im not sure just yet. I dont know.

But Imma finish watchin Jerry Springer yall lolz...later lezbos

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Still In Love [Sunday
July 17th, at 9:31pm]
Whaddup...so today did nothing really besides spend some much needed talk-time wit my Shortii...that was real good.

I got to find out some things for the first time which I think I should've been told a while ago but its ok. Im kinda upset about the way things have turned out with me and her but I cant really do anything about it.

I went to that Tampa Black Pride with my aunt and her girl...I'll tell yall about that tomorrow...

Ummm...no work tomorrow which is good but I do work the rest of the week...but for now...Im out...

Just lettin yall know...

I'm still in love even though I dont say it.

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July 15th, at 7:30pm]
So...Im back after a couple days. Umm...not much is goin on here...only got 2 weeks left of work...we do field trips everyday so its gone be tiring, but itll be all good. Um...not much else goin on...jus wanted to hit yall up right quick...be good

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This is So Sad but True!!! [Sunday
July 10th, at 3:33pm]
You know you go to Blake High School when...

1*...your alma mater doesn't rhyme.
2*..."monologue," "plie," and "piccolo" are in everyday conversations.
3*...the captain of the dancerette team is a guy.
4*...students vote on changing the alma mater to "I'm comin' out."
5*...the girls like the guys... and well, thats about it.
6*...a guy gets sent to the principal's office for wearing a skirt, yet, the lesbian assistant principal defends him and saves the day.
7*...everyone's nickname is either Will or Grace.
8*...the swim team is nicknamed the "suck" team.
9*...everyone has an agent.
10*...safe sex is practiced.
11*...the administration sucks, and so do the guys.
12*...GSA is your biggest club... it overflows.
13*...you find weave in the stairwell.
14*...you watch hotties more than the volleyball game.
15*...you don't know how to use the air conditioner.
16*...shows are actually hard to get into.
17*...ugly ties show that you're a senior.
18*...your algebra 2 class is messier than your room.
19*...you don't know how to spell "high" but you know how to get that way.
20*...you sleep in health, and talk about sex in algebra 2.
21*...you go to football games for the marching band.
22*...there are staircases leaving to... nowhere.
23*...your colors are, (needless to say) are yellow and black... just like the races.
24*...you get caught for skipping when you're going to class.
25*...you and everyone else (kindly) refer to your school as "bi-high."
26*...you get scared when your classroom gets quiet.
27*...guys don't get offended when you call them "bitch."
28*...you're an outcast if you don't wear Birkenstocks.
29*...no one likes the people who sing "On My Own."
30*...your bio teacher's hair is a dance major.
31*...bomb threats are the highlights of your day.
32*...the swim and track teams dive to the floor when the starting gun goes off.
33*...you find bullets outside the entertainment building.
34*...you have an entertainment building.
35*...you yell at substitutes who call it an auditorium, its a THEATER!
36*...the initials for your school are more than 5 letters... H.W.B.C.O.T.P.A.H.S.
37*...you dont know what most of those initials mean...H.W.B.?.?.T.P.A.H.S
38*..math teachers don't know fashion, but their students do.
39*...you tell other people where you go to school, and all of a sudden, they don't like you.
40*...last year's musical is still being sung down the hall.
41*...there's a phobia of homophobic people... its called homophobiaphobic.
42*...the "gay plague" is not HIV, but a phenomenon spreading through the hallways.
43*...the freshman boys are homophobes when they arrive, but by the time they leave, they're gay.
44*...man capris are always in style
45*...so are man thongs
46*...your math teachers die.
47*...in health they just skip over the sex part because its old news, and its physically impossible to get your partner pregnant.
48*...the only thing limp, are the wrists.
49*...the guys bitch when other guys are wearing their shirts.
50*...the guys complain about needing lotion.
51*...the girls claim guys on the walls of the bathrooms, and so do the guys.
52*...you see people with hair the same colors as your highlighters.
53*...the only thing people think you do at school is sing and dance.
54*...there is no P.D.A. rule for girls to other girls.
55*...the other schools at district thespians HATE you!
56*...other schools know your troop number.
57*...you talk to teachers about the hit TV show "Will and Grace."
58*...you can be a "stain glass" major.
59*...a musical theater male can be lead, and costume designer.
60*...flirting with guys only counts when you are a guy.
61*...chicken strips" are actually seagulls.
62*...you have seagulls!
63*...when people ask "what's that smell?" you say "the river!"
64*...rainbow shirts are an everyday occurrence
65*...so are "lez: girls love em" shirts that look like the logo for pez dispensers
66*...at homecoming, Jesuit throws skittles at you.
67*...you throw them right back. (duh!)
68*...you think your being attacked when the fire alarm goes off.
69*...every single time an alarm goes off, the administration says "please disregard the bell."
70*...out of 20 bomb threats a month, you only evacuate for 1.
71*...half the school jumps a gate to get to school.
72*...Ms. Cleo is your bus driver.
73*...theres a kid in your class who insists on being called Ms. Cleo
74*...your cheer before meets consist of "Blake High be bad about it." or " 'bout it, 'bout it."
75*...you're not quite sure which.
76*...administration stay in the boys bathroom, "just in case."
77*...your yearbook was titled "What's Up?"
78*...your parking garage is locked, but your car still gets keyed! (and somehow you can still get into the garage!)
79*..you had a full page of a BBQ menu in your yearbook.
80*...your chem class has a beautiful view of downtown tampa (aka projects)
81*...they placed your school in the worst part of Tampa to make it look better.
82*...your team sports class takes you to the "crack park" to play softball
83*...3 students have died in the past year of murder. (thats bad, i know!)
84*...they're going to tear down the buildings around you because they aren't good enough for the 2012 Olympics.
85*...the colors Red and Black are never to be worn on Fridays or Pep Rally days!
86*...your mascot is a yellow jacket, but if you saw one, you'd kill it.
87*...no one ever remembers what kind of bug your mascot is.
88*...rule .. 2 is "no bandanas."
89*...your theater is booked for months.
90*...your parents get concerned when you go to football games.
91*...lunch ladies need a calculator for 50 cents 50 cents.
92*...lunch ladies give you 2 slices of pizza when you ask for 1 and 4th lunch wonders why there is no pizza left
93*...they are ringing the bell earlier and earlier so you start coming to school at 5:00am
94*...they took back the "no backless shoes" rule, but you still see signs around saying "No backless shoes!"
95*...ironically enough, you don't have a daycare.
96*..."homecoming babies" arrive in July.
97*...at homecoming, you take off your shoes, dance, and then faint from dehydration.
98*...everyone gets drunk because the punch was spiked.
99*...your school turned the all boy catholic school gay.
100*...you have to audition to get in.
101*..."Phat Pharm" and "FuBu" is a way of life.
102*...only the white kids come to school on April 20th.
103*...you make predictions on when and who is "coming out."
104*..."white" or "ghetto" aren't insults anymore.
105*...the white girls are getting weave.
106*...cell phones continue to ring in class.
107*...your mascot doesn't have wings.
108*...everyone has a cell phone.
109*...your dance department dances to *NSync
110*...there are 2 white people on your varsity football team, and one is the kicker.
111*...teachers don't care anymore if you play poker in class.
112*...teachers walk into class with "healthy choice" boxes after you hear a microwave go off.
113*...teachers see two guys "sandwiching" a girl, and get confused.
114*...the worst break up phrase is "Honey, I'm straight."
115*...bomb threats are more likely than pep rallies
116*...when your shoes are brighter than your personality.
117*...people go around singing "hell yeah!!!!!!!" very gospel-like.
118*...there are, things, at your school. you aren't quite sure what sex they are.
119*...the school's haircut is the mullet.
120*...you can die from algebra overdoses.
121*...your algebra teacher tells you a shortcut after you do a million problems.
122*...you sing commercials and showtunes in the middle of class.
123*...a classmate says "random pattern."
124*...your coach doesn't believe you when you said you won a swim meet.
125*...you hope it isn't seagull season.
126*...your teacher sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown.
127*...Your TA teacher bends the gum rule because "yo breath stank!"
128*...you give up in 2nd period and start eating lunch.
129*...your GSA club card is pink, and everyone knows why.
130*...your teacher leaves the room without notice.
131*...if you ever needed a tampon, you can ask various guys for one.
132*...the same goes for midol.
133*...you call a teacher back just to smell them.
134*...you compliment each other on how hot and sexy you look. EVERYDAY!
135*..."whats your major" or "what are you here for" are daily questions
136*...your school has both a LiveJournal *and* a MySpace.

This defines my school its sad
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Just Not Interested...But I Still Read [Saturday
July 9th, at 8:25am]
I've been up since 6 this mornin...the hurricane is havin its effect, and there are some hard ass winds my way.

I've kinda isolated myself from a lot of yall.

-I havent talked to Tasha and wasnt there for her comment thing.

-The last time I talked to Vee I pushed her off.

-Haven't even tried callin Kendra.

-Seems like Kymi just disappeared.

-I never text Mo anymore.

-I barely update too.

I dont know what it is, but LJ isnt important to me...I mean its not important that I update anymore. Now that I've actually got some stuff goin on, I dont find time to do this. Only when I'm bored.

So to update a lil...my aunt is comin the 14th then my cousin and her some are comin the 26th I think or 22nd. My job has recommended me to work part-time as opposed to seasonal. I'm learnin to manage money which is hard as fuck since Im finally makin it on my own. School is right around the corner, and I'm not looking forward to the classes or the people...even some of the people I was real cool with last year I dont give a fuck about right now. The hurricane is coming as if yall dont know. I told yall about my blast from the past last night. And umm...not much else is up.

Dionne...good luck with the baby and the guy.
Vee...sorry bout ya dad.
Tasha...regardless of what that ass said...you're still a beautiful person wit ur sarcastic ass.
Kendra...miss you.
Kymi...ball's in your court...I called you last.
Xplicit_Wif3y...cuz I can never get your name right...even though I barely comment Imma miss ur entries when the net is cut.
Mo...hope all is well.
Sara...bitches cause drama...real ass chicks cope wit it and ignore...ull be aiight
Davina...come back!
Nana...ummm where you been?
Babygirl8...loved the fireworks


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Its a Small World After All... [Friday
July 8th, at 11:19pm]
So out of boredom I go to my BP page and I have a reply note from this guy named Mike that I hit up a while ago again out of boredom and cuz he was in Tampa.

Turns out its the same guy that rode the bus with me two years ago and tried to holla.

Small world!

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1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and do them sit-ups right...and tuck them tummies like this... [Wednesday
July 6th, at 9:34pm]
I'm sprry I havent been commenting...LJ is messin up for me and the last post I see on my friends page is from July 1st. So...yeah...my bad.

I had a staff meeting today which was bs, then me and some of my co-workers went to work out. I worked out last night also. It leaves me feelin real good...real refreshed and I like that...plus the chicks I do it with are all fine so...thats a lil motivation right there.

Im workin with Vanessa tomorrow which might be a lil weird. I dont really talk to her so I dunno how its gonna go. But I'm swimming all day, so there's not much I've got to say to her.

This chick from some place in FL is tryna holla at me...she saw my page on BP and hit me up. She's aiight lookin but not what I'd go for...but she's still a real cool chick.

I need to find someone to drive up to I.O.A. on Saturday. My job is goin but I need to cop a ride with one of them. I dont know who...the people that Im cool with are all not driving so it might be really hard. But I dunno. I'll see.

So anyways...I think Imma go shower then try and hit up Wifey or ex-Wifey or whateva she wants me to call her these days.

Oh, thats another thing...I was talkin to her today and she was like pissed as fuck. I dont know what to do about that anymore. Any concern I show she shuts it down so...I dunno

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