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17 December
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  • orangeblossom327
my name is sarah. i live in saratoga springs NY. i have been here all my life. i've moved once, but only down the street. i love to go walking to like anywhere, especially with my friends and downtown. music is my life, and i pretty much have my ipod on all the time or listening to my cd's on the dvd player when i'm on the computer. i just recently got back into the old-school pop music (ex. n*sync, bsb, bspears, otown, ect) and it's really bad, but that music is so good, well to me it is. i work at dunkin donuts on south broadway. i love/hate my job. i love the majority of the people that work there to death, but i hate some of them too, and no matter what they do they get on my nerves. i'm asking for a raise soon, which hopefully will go well. samantha cross is my best friend, and we are scandolous, fer realz. i feel like my conscience is really annoying and i need to tell the truth (at least to my parents) no matter what i did or how bad the situation was. i really like this guy, but he doesn't go to my school, and it's bad because i don't see a lot of him, but he makes me really happy. =] my mothers name is cheryl and my dad's is glenn, and my brother's name is also glenn, but we call him chipper. it's a weird nickname, and i don't know how it goes with glenn at all, but whatever. i love saratoga, even though i complain about it all the time. its one of the best places to live. except in the winter when it's like dreadfully cold. but the summer is awesome, and i'm looking forward to it. i'm a sophomore, and i go to saratoga, obviously. i'll be a junior next year. i get my liscense really soon, and i already have a car. and i take it out on occasions with my friends just to be more rebellious than i already am, even though like everything is walking distance from my house (besides the mall). i complain and whine way too much, and i'm trying to improve on that because it bothers me as well as other people. i can't stand fake people, but i still manage to be friends with them nevertheless because i love my friends, even if they don't feel the same way or hate me or whatever. my favorite band is dave matthews band. i've gone to their concerts for the past 3 years, and it seems they get better every year. and i hate how lat year he didn't play two step or watchtower, so he better play both of those to make up for it. i hate wearing socks to bed because it feels like i'm trapped. i only sleep with a comforter, and my mom tries to put sheets on my bed, but by the time i wake up they are off my bed. i have 3 cats, their names are dego, penuche, and blackie. they are awesome, and i'm weird because i love my cats too much, so i'll stop now. i love reading really good books, but with school, i have like no time to do that. but hopefully i can pick that up again over the summer. at times i find myself thinking about the future, and if i'm gonna be the same way i am now, or much different or what i'm going to be when i grow up. i've always wanted to be a teacher, but i'm that outgoing and i really don't like speaking in front of everyone, but maybe that will change. i love taking naps after school but i don't do that a lot because i have to work most of the time after school. i can't fall asleep at night unless i am listening to my music or watching a movie. i am deathly afraid of the dark, i always have been and probably always will be, no matter how old i get. my room is always a mess, no matter how many times my parents tell me to clean it, and they always say "it looks like a cyclone hit it" and i say shut up. i pretty much give everyone a chance of being my friend, unless i really can't stand you or you are mean to one of my friends. for the most part, i'm a nice person. and i love to just relax. el fin.

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