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What I really meant to say...

okay. I'm in a really blah mood.this song "cold" by Crossfade keeps getting to my head.It reminds me of all the times I fucked up in the past,with family,friends and other shit and I feel so bad.The worst is that it reminds me of how I almost broke up with Jackie and almost ended hers and my life.I feel really bad about that and I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad she forgave me and that she is still here with me.She makes me so happy.and Mel you are like my sister I'm sooooo glad we're the best of friends.without you and Jackie I'd be nothing.I love you 2 soooooooo much and I'm glad I have you 2 in my life.thank you for everything.

but yeah.I'm leaving my livejournal like this.i might change the name because this doesnt go with the name at all but you guys can deal with that right? okay I'm only changing it once more and leaving it at that.

Erica you dont have to do my layout.I obviously wont be using it.thank you for going to do it...yeah

thats it.back to my unhappy "Cold" place

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    new livejournal name last one i promise. _crossfade

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