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Updates in life

-Home is gay.parents are still bitchy about alot of shit but ohwell.3years untill I'm out.(lets see if i can last it here for 3years)

-Jackie and I are great,I couldnt be happier.almost 4months.Although I'm worried about her.She knows why.Dont ask about it.

-My friends are good.there is drama but nothing we cant handle.

-I am almost 15.yay.

-school is crappy.once again I am almost failing everything.thats why for the next 2semesters and a half I am doing everything to pass.If i need it I'm staying after.and I'm doing homework first thing when i get home so there are no excuses.

But thats it.

Ps: once again a new layout.I havent changed my name in along time.I'm not going to.I just get bored of the way it looks yeah.I hope you like it..again.
ummm my sn is still "left the stage" incase you need me. thats all.

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