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Smile and pretend everything's okay.

explain me;;;
5 February
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, alice, animals, anti-rap, band shirts, beaches, being "orange headed", being different, being loud, bestfriends, black cats, blasting music, blink182, boy meets world, boyfriends, bracelets, bright nail polish, britney spears, bunkbeds, butterflies, cats, chesire cat, chris, clarinet, converse, craig manning, degrassi, differentness, dirt, disney anything, draco malfoy, drums, emo, ewan mcgreggor, eyes, finding nemo, fireworks, flute, fountains of wayne, frogs, glasses, gollum, green tea, guitar, guys, harry potter, having fun, hearts, hot chocolate, hott guys, icecream, incubus, instruments, inventing words, jackass, jake epstein, jazz, jelly beans, jeremy sumpter, ketchup, kissing, laughing, lauren, led zeppelin, legolas, linkin park, lollipops, lord of the rings, lots of color, loud rock music, louie louie, love, macaroni and cheese, magazines, mints, modest mouse, monkeys, moulin rouge, movies, mr. gilliam, mxpx, mystery flavored condoms, neopets, nickelodeon, nofx, noreena, obnoxious jewlery, old madonna, orange juice, orlando bloom, outside, patterned socks, penguin man, pennies, peter pan, pillows, pink floyd, pink panther, pirates of the carribean, plaid patterns, playstation, probation, purple, purple polka-dotted kangaroos, radio free roscoe, radiohead, rancid, ravenclaw, really funny jokes, roger rabbit, rooney, rpging, rupert grint, sam, sara, sauron, school, scissors, screaming, shiny things, shoes, singing, skating, sleeping, sly cooper, slytherin, soad, sparkles, spinner, starcraft, stickers, stripes, stuffed animals, surfing, swimming, tangerine altiods, the beatles, the dashboard confessional, third eye blind, tigger, tinkerbell, tobey mcguire, tom felton, umbrellas, valentines day, vans, video games, viva la bam, water