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Yesterday was nice. I went to go see batman with Bre and Mattie. It was a good movie but It didnt exactly tie into the other ones but thats okay.

Tonight= pistons. I dont know where I am going to watch it so if I can come over then call me please.

and my mom is going to be gone next monday and tuesday. so lets do something.

my room is getting painted today!!! Im excited and my wallpaper border thingy is records. saweet. Its gonna look really awesome when its all done. I'll take pictures. If I can find my camera lol

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last night was a whole lotta fun. I got to hang out with Elliott and Micah and that is always a riot. lol we went to the palace and we watched the pistons on the screen and micah was going insane and elliott was sometimes and i went insane for the last quarter. we were all soooo happy because this pistons won. Then niki was taking us and amanda home and we were listening to this rap music with the bass all the way up because i guess they all like rap but it was fun to act ghetto. And then we had all the windows down and micah was waving his shirt out the window and we were all yelling and screaming and acting insane and talking to the people in the other cars when we stopped and when micah was waving his shirt we would see how many people honked. It was soo much fun!!! I didnt even get home til like one in the morning haha.

Ive been talking to a cute boy lately and he makes me verrry happy.

this summer is soo much fun. I cant even believe it. Its going by quickly too. we've already been out for almost a month =0 but thats ok because we still have 2 more.

The party is saturday. and my mom is going insane. because we have to get ready for this party and my sister and me and switching rooms because she likes mine and hers I am going to turn into a music room. hoorah! when its done its going to be sooo awesome and I am going to live in there. but anyyways, the reason this is so stressful is because my sisters room looks like a bomb hit it. its horrible. sooo messy. its like someone hasnt thrown away anything for 12 years. its so disgusting!!! and we have to clean her whole room (because she wont do it) before tomorrow and we've been working on it for a whole week and it still looks disgusting. waa!
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well. lately Ive just been going to see my uncle (u-mike) Its really sad, his condition now and all but he is much more plesant and I like going to see him. Tonight was really sad because when we went to leave he kept poking his head up and saying why do you have to leave you just got here. I didnt want to leave after he said that. but we had to. *tear*
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so my hair isnt exactly my natural color. theres more purple in it. lol but its as dark as it was before. I like it this way so much better! The girl who did my hair was cool. brutally honest about how much she hated my hair before she dyed it. but cool none the less. she had hair like down past her butt and it was purple and black. sweeeet? yes!

umm. so next week I dont think my mom will be around because my aunt said they are going up north. soo...if you want to do something. feel free to call. there will be nothing holding me back. If someone goes to a show with me (any show) they will be my lover.

speaking of lovers. I need a lover. :-(

love, TeElle Case

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I dont feel good.
I went to Carrie's church's rummage sale to help.
I met Natalee. shes pretty cool. and sean. hes cool too. Courtney and Sarah came too. Twas much fun.
I got some new shoes. and a skarf.
I am getting my hair dyed tomorrow. or friday.
alrighty. well im gonna go watch pretty in pink now.
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well I had a nice long writing of how my weekend went but my computer froze and it got deleted. and I dont feel like re-writing it.

so basically:
*I was with Krystal from friday to monday
*we watched breakfast club three times in two days because it is our favorite movie of all time.
*we watched pretty in pink and saw as well.
*we went to ethans band practice.
*went to wills house-no one was home when we got there but the door was unlocked so we went in and waited until everyone got there and so then we watched a movie with will harper and ben and then bens friends came over and took him away and so me krystal will and harper all hung out for a while and it was so much fun.
*so yea. this weekend was so much fun!!

tomorrow I hope to work at a rummage sale with carrie and courtney. how fun is that? a RUMMAGE SALE with two of my best friends. hooray!

I got two shots today :(

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I. What does the name say on your birth certificate? TeElle Marie Case
II. What is the name that all your friends call you by? Tellybean/ Tle
III. What day of the year do you blow out the candles? September 2
IV. Which country authorized your passport? um US
V. What are you Zodiac and Chinese signs? virgo and ?
VI. In terms of politics, do you sit on the right or the left? they both bug me. GO NADER
VII. Look in the mirror. The color of your hair is what? black blonde and pink.
VIII. Look in the mirror one more time, what color are your eyes? green
IX. Hop on the weighing scales! How far did the number jump past 0? 103
X. Stand up straight! How high up is the top of your head from the ground? 4' 11"
Home Sweet Home

I. Who are all those other people living in your house? mom and dad and lisa
II. Do you get along with mom or dad better? dad
III. What do your parents friends call them? Mr. and Mrs case
IV. Any siblings living outside the house? no
V. What's the name of the place you live in currently? washington twp
VI. You love it there, dont you? yea but i wish i lived by all my friends
VII. If you could live absolutely anywhere on the Earth, what location would you choose? new york or london
VIII. Out of all those blood related, immediate or other, which single person would you list as your favorite? will
IX. Who is one you wish you didnt share blood with? LISA
X. Overall, you like moms side of the family more, or dads? mom's

Knowledge Is Power

I. First things first, private or public school? private
II. What's its name? mascot? colors? OCS, lancers, green and gold
III. What is/are the class(es) you can't wait to get to?
IV. How about the class you consider bedtime? every class but docs
V. The name(s) of your favorite teachers: doc
VI. The name(s) of the teacher that puts your to sleep: all of them except doc
VII. Are you an English/Art, or a Math/Science person? English/Art
VIII. What sports do/have you played: snowboarding, basketball, and soccer
IX. When the teacher checks the homework, do you usually get a 100 or 0- uhh inbetween
X. If you could change one thing about your school, what would it be? a lot.
Confidentiality & Beliefs

I. What's your worst fear? Have you ever experience this fear? having to be with only linda forever. and no thank god!
II. Have you ever acted troubled, just to get attention? I think everybody has
III. Do you believe in God? Jesus? Satan? Heaven? Purgatory? not purgatory
IV. Do you have a secret that you'll take to the grave with you? not currently
V. Have you ever told somebody you loved them, when secretly you didnt at all? yes
VI. (Friends, Religion, Politics, Family, Education, & Relationships) Organize the previous six in order of your personal preference in life: God (religion), , friends, relationships, family education, politics
VII. If you could change one thing about your physical looks, what would it be? idk
VIII. If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be? i like my personality
IX. Have you ever cried in front of someone, and felt ashamed of it? yes :(

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music

I. If you had to pick, what's your favorite song of the moment? you and me
II. Do you get most of your music from the internet, or from the store? the store or friends
III. Even though you can download music, do you still buy cds just because of the cd-case, CD itself, booklet, or just general authenticity? yes. yes i do.
IV. What lone genre of music do you prefer above all? ska, reggae, punk
V. What genre of music would you never be caught dead with? country
VI. What band/artist has impacted your life the most? sid vicious
VII. What band/artist makes you cringe? gwen stefani
VIII. How many music files do you have on your computer? like ninety trillion
IX. How many are legal? most
X. What instruments can you play? drums, bass, piano, trumpet, and french horn

The Small & Silver Screens

I. What's your favorite movie? Tommy Boy
II. Generally, what genre of movies do you jump at the oppurtunity to see? comedy and action
III. Who is the actress/actor you most admire? JOHNNY DEPP <33 muah
IV. Do you cry during/after certain movies? no
V. What time of day do you prefer to see movies at (morning/noon/night): night
VI. What is the tv show you never miss? seinfeld or the price is right
VII. What is it you like about it so much? bob barker
VIII. Whats the one tv show you can't stand? sanford and son
IX. Do you think you spend more time watching the television or using the computer? computer
X. Do you personally think that you spend too much time watching tv? no

Bon Appetite

I. Whats your favorite meal? mashed potatoes
II. How about your favorite desert? chocolate
III. When only a kid, did you eat your vegetables? no
IV. Do you still eat vegetables? yes
V. Are you a poor, average, or excellent cook? average
VI. What type of food do you prefer? mexican
VII. Salt or pepper? salt
VIII. ketchup or mustard? ketchup
IX. Do you prefer going out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner? dinner
X. Do you eat to live or live to eat? live to eat

All's Fair In Love and War

I. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? crush
II. Are you in love? Or are you using them? neither this is gay
III. Do you find most of the time you dislike the people that like you and vice versa? sometimes
IV. In terms of relationships, are you loving or manipulative? loving
V. Do you live to love? or would you rather love to live? live to love
VI. Do you believe that sex should come before or after marriage? after
VII. Do you plan to marry, if so at what age? 20
VIII. Do plan to have children, if so how many? no sick
IX. Are your parents married or divorced? married
X. Do you want to have a big, spectacular wedding with everyone you know invited or a small, traditional, get-together with family and close-freinds wedding? littleito
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