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i just have to make sure i get my loan money, which i will find out in DAYSS!!!

ill be leaving with michelle in may and coming back in november.

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people come in and out of your life. it just disappoints me on how you think you're so close to someone and then it's like you were never friends. it's just awkward and i'm sick of letting people into my life who i'm not going to be talking to this time next year or when i'm completely fucked up the ass in any situation. there's really only one person i can always go to no matter what and who i'll call for anything, vise versa. it's good to have that stability.

i'm just sick of being surrounded by these kids who use eachother for partying, drugs, places to party and do drugs, and just to have people around them to feel good about themselves.

i think i'm finally maturing, to say the least. not trying to sound like a saint or anything.

i'm turning 18 in a few days. moving out relatively soon.

i just want to hang out with the people who i actually care about and who actually care about me, not just for a place to party at since it's some "celebration" or some bullshit like that.

and i'm sick of eating for fucking two. no, i'm not pregnant, my body is just telling me that i am.
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random thoughts..

some people, i see them and i just want to throw up.
people change, and in this case, not for the better.
i'm sick of fake pieces of shit who don't care about anyone but themselves.
yeah, i'm a hater.

i have an interview at forever 21 on thursday after school.
if they hire me, i'm quitting panera, even though i wanted to have 2 jobs.
but i'm so sick of the food industry, so fuck the pan to the era.

wednesday, thursday, friday & sunday i work.
i want to get drunk.
i want to get high.
i want to get laid.

if i'm late to first period one more time, i get detention.
every other time i'm late to first period after that, i get an hour detention.
looks like i wont be coming to first period that often, cause i can't wake up in time for school.

i've realized what a load of shit my father is.

i really need to stop slacking in school.
i wonder if vakeya has my english assignment i let her copy on monday, since i wasn't at school today.

how fucked up is it that a 45 year old is jealous of a 9 year old.

my family is fucked up.
but what am i saying, so is everyone elses.

i should stop smoking cigarettes.
but i smoke weed less now.
what can i say, i'm fucking addicted.
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