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Life so far and whatnot:
Worked at Aladdin's Eatery for a month or so, hated it, and the same day I put in my 2 weeks I walked out because Kaitlyn was the biggest cunt ever and pushed me to it.
I'm working at Panera now and it's pretty good so far. I like the people, and it's a mostly fun job.

Uh. Looking to start at the Art Institute in October. Dunno, waiting on my parents to apply.

I don't know. :| I'm sleepy and have work in 2 hours. Not sure what else to say, except things are pretty decent.

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friends only.

add me only if:
1. you'll actually comment
2. you're nice
3. you don't TyPe LyK dIs*~
4. you update
5. you added me first

got that? awesome. now add me, then comment on this entry. =]