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[05 Sep 2004|04:35pm]
i have a feeling things are going to change soon.

... i don't know if this is going to be a good change or a bad change


blahhhhhh...... i want to go back to my mom's house now! la de daaa.. i'm getting my own lap top for school, oh yayyayyayy! i still have to go shopping, by the way. i really want to go to newbury street, cause well, it's awesome, durr! ohmygodz im so bored. and kind of hungry.. but not really. im never hungry anymore. im weird, i know.

i need to talk to this boy ..... but it's probably not the boy that everyone is going to think it is... i haven't talked to or seen this boy for a little while. i don't know what i'm gunna be getting myself into if i talk to him or see him. whatever though..

well i gotta go help christine with matthew... oh, yay! so she can start cooking.
ugh. love youZ x0x

[ if i end up hurting you, know it wasn't on purpose, i care about you far too much to ever hurt you purposely. i love you and i always will ..... so please just remember that ]

[04 Sep 2004|10:34pm]
OMG AWESOME!!!!!!Collapse )

um yeah..... im still very irritated. very very. i don't know why i still am though, cause ive just been sitting her doing nothing.

i'm all stressed though. ugh. i hate it so much. i get mean when i'm stressed... so watch yourselves.

i should be happy now, since i got to see my babyy!!
but i'm not. i'm actually kind of mad at him.. for no apparent reason.
i dont know what's wrong with me.. i'm just a bitch like that.
and ofcourse he's going to put up with it, i don't know why though.
probably becuase he loves me. but how can you love someone that makes you mad alot and is a huge bitch!?!? i love him though.... so it's okay, right? .....


i have alot on my mind right now. i need some sleep.

love you x0

[04 Sep 2004|07:10pm]

I'M SO ANNOYED RIGHT NOW! oh my god.    my dad invited these people over... yeah, NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE!! i think these people have a daughter who is around my age ... OH FUCKING GREAT!! don't feel like hearing voices of people talking or babies babbling right now. I HAVE A HEADACHE!!

today STARTED OFF as a GOOD day and now it has turned into a STUPID & ANNOYING day. ahhhhhhh!! 


i have no patience for anything right now.



[04 Sep 2004|03:33pm]
um, previous entry i did was a survey and the answer i put for the #1 question had to do with some more dick sucking .. hahah uhm yeah, don't know why i wrote that as the thing im looking forward to this year ... i read that this morning and i was like ..... wow, im cool?

SO YEAH... the thing i'm looking forward to this year would probably be my 16th birthday, cause i'll have a little more freedom when it comes to boyfriends. lol

k, so i just had to make that little change.

anyways today MY BABY CAME AND SAW ME!!!!!! he actually came this time :o) :o) yayay. but i only got to see him for a few hours so that was kind of gay. but yeah. he got to meet my dad and step-mom, and, of course, kristina cause we had a LA BOUM last night so she slept over, but it wasnt as fun as last time cause she fell asleep uber early. haha anyways ... me & my boy didnt do anything cause my parents are super awesome and i cant drive around or anything with a boyfriend till i'm 16. yeah cool, right? no. so anyways, i still have a week till i have to go back to school...... err. it's gunna be so much fun. (no)



yeah, later! xO

[03 Sep 2004|09:41pm]
10 Best Times Of The Summer:
- going to the winch :)
- fiestas and la boums
- seeing jduff, even though it was for 1 minute and 30 seconds
- getting to see my baby after we both got kicked out of summer school
- getting to chill with spic!
- getting to chill with xTina
- watching drug movies
- drinking .............. water DUH!!!!! ahahah
- water skiing
- falling in loveeeeee

9 Song That Will Always Remind You Of Summer 2004:
- so long sweet summer (DC)
- punk rock princess (SOCO)
- hotel (R. KELLY)
- slow motion (JUVENILE)
- dip it low (CHRISTINA MILIAN)
- boyz in the hood (DYNAMITE HACK)
- SCOTTTTTTY!!!!!!!!!!!

8 New People You Met This Summer
- johnny marsh
- MAX!
- phil
- john
- paul
- kentucky
- chris
- ben

7 Friends Who Were A Big Part Of Your Summer:
- xTina
- vicki
- johnny marsh
- max
- paul
- phil
- joun

7 Places You've Hung Out At:
- xTina's
- vicki's
- my moms house
- the winch
- my dads house
- the beach
- the cape

6 Funny Things That Have Happened:
- all those times with max. oh goddddddd
- the fiestas with vicki
- the LA BOUMS with kristina. ohmygod
- me being an idiot.
- making fun of jealous people :)

5 Friends You've Become Closer With:
- vicki
- max
- xtina
- mat
- johnny marsh

4 Parties You've Been To:
- my own parties! ahah
- some nights at the winch
- um...
- umm again..

3 Vacations You Went On:
- the cape
- the winch
- asp. haha

2 Important Things You've Learned:
- keep the friends in your life that mean the most to you

1 Thing You Are Looking Forward To This Year:
- sucking more of johnny marsh's dick

ahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahah jk?



i love all ya'll.. well maybe not all, but most


yayayyayayay. k i'm going to sleep cause im tired

[03 Sep 2004|01:21pm]

today i went to the hostpital to visit my nana. she had surgery yesterday, but it's cool 'cause she's going to be okay. anyways.. so me and my mom were leaving and we walked by these two black guys and they were like "how you doin?" and we just kept walking becuase we are awesome, and they go "yous are beautiful" hahah and then my mom goes to me "you should find a date down here" i was like ... hahah yeah, maybe i'll go back there and get there numbers .. NO! anywho. k so i have to go up to winchendon on the 12th to like move in a shit. oh yay. and then i have to go to court on the 9th... gaygaygaygaygay. today's friday!! wootwoot! im chillen with spic this weekend. awww yeahhh... fun times are gunna definently be happening!! errmmm yeah.. i need to go shopping for school clothes really badly. BLAHHHHHHHH i want to go to newbury street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now here are a few words that are totally necessary to say ::::

k so my friend vicki, who is hott shitt, yeah well she is my bestfriend and i am NEVER going to just drop her becuase some other buddies of mine don't like her. and if any of you buddies ever fucking touched her i'll have you killed 'cause she's my MAINNNN BITCHHH!!! so get used to her as my friend 'cause it's not going to change anytime soon. GOT IT!?


xoxoxo <3<3<3<3<3

j e a l o u s a i n ' *  c o o m o t h f u c k a ' z

[01 Sep 2004|09:23pm]

another wonderful piece of art work by mat!

[01 Sep 2004|08:48pm]

ahahahahah <3333
that is the wonderful work of mat!!!

[01 Sep 2004|08:25pm]
ashlyalxss: JESS! Its going to be so incredibly HORRIBE without you here..whos going to pretend we both have periods and need to go to the nurse at teh same time..um..no noe thats why you should COME BACK

and i have going to have health with my little ashley baby doll! *tear*
<333333333 errrrrrrr. i want to go to the highschool so bad!!!!!!!!

highschool = fun times with all my buddies!!!!!

the winch = gay times with....... well just GAY TIMES!!!!!!

ohmygod. if i dont get to go back junior and senior year, i'll kill somebody.


[01 Sep 2004|04:52pm]
ohmygod, my favorite!Collapse )

[01 Sep 2004|02:13pm]
today westborough started school. HAH! i wish i went. lol. i don't want to go to winchendon. blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! kristina jumped on me this morning. it was so nice of her.. no. she was like OMG TIME FOR SCHOOL TIME FOR SCHOOL! WAKE UP WAKE UP!! yeah.. then i didnt really get to sleep cause my mom was getting the rugs cleaned throughout the house, including my room. blahh.. so i got like no sleep. yay!! so yeah, i helped dominique make a journal. its pertyyy!! check it out --> THIS IS SOME HAWT SHIT RIGHT HURRR yeah, bitch


i think im gunna go take a nap or something.


[31 Aug 2004|11:37pm]

so bored...Collapse )

[31 Aug 2004|10:47pm]

NebrskaBlinds311: JESSICA

jcpenny35: ERIN!!!!!!<3

NebrskaBlinds311: I HATE SCHOOL

NebrskaBlinds311: i  DONT WANNA GO

jcpenny35: I WANT TO BE THERE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NebrskaBlinds311: OMG I NEED YOU THERE<333333333333333333

jcpenny35: eeeeeeeeeeeek!
jcpenny35: *tear tear*

NebrskaBlinds311: gay gay gay

NebrskaBlinds311: i need jessica coffman in my life

NebrskaBlinds311: its not being fulfilled

*tear tear tear tear tear* awwwwwwwwww i miss you erin!! i haven't seen you in SO long, and now i don't get to go to school with you or ANYTHING! but don't worry i'll be there senior year so we can um.. plot against a certain teacher. COUGH COUGH COUGH!! hehe i love you!!



( ehehehe.......... i have really cool friends, as you can tell by how many conversations i have put up on my lj recently.. hahaha <33333333333 IM COOL, YOU KNOW IT!!)


[31 Aug 2004|10:02pm]

jcpenny35 (9:54:48 PM): i cant believe you are going to be a senior
iremain187 (9:55:20 PM): yeha its almost as unbelievable as that time i stuffed that curtain rod so far up your ass that you choked on it
jcpenny35 (9:55:29 PM): hahaha
jcpenny35 (9:55:30 PM): loser
jcpenny35 (9:56:18 PM): you're so gay
iremain187 (9:56:20 PM): that was so key
iremain187 (9:56:21 PM): haha
jcpenny35 (9:56:27 PM): J R S DarkSide: Mat shoved a curtain rod up your ass

iremain187 (9:56:30 PM): lol
jcpenny35 (9:56:36 PM): Losers!
iremain187 (9:56:37 PM): haha
iremain187 (9:56:40 PM): i had to show him that
iremain187 (9:56:42 PM): it was so good
iremain187 (9:56:42 PM): lol
jcpenny35 (9:56:43 PM): haha
jcpenny35 (9:56:46 PM): it was pretty good.
iremain187 (9:56:49 PM): it was
iremain187 (9:56:52 PM): im slick like that
iremain187 (9:56:53 PM): haha
jcpenny35 (9:56:58 PM): you are a very slick boy
jcpenny35 (9:57:06 PM): i mean man.
jcpenny35 (9:57:07 PM): ahahahaha
iremain187 (9:57:08 PM): haha
iremain187 (9:57:13 PM): thats right better recognize
jcpenny35 (9:57:18 PM): hahah
iremain187 (9:57:21 PM): im an adult in MA
iremain187 (9:57:21 PM): haha
iremain187 (9:57:23 PM): 17
jcpenny35 (9:57:25 PM): haha
jcpenny35 (9:57:31 PM): you are the BIG man on campus
iremain187 (9:57:47 PM): shit ive known that since 3rd grade


ahahahaha, oh mannn!.. what a cool "adult"

[31 Aug 2004|09:47pm]


Auto response from jcpenny35 (8:43:11 PM): around. xo

beautfldizastr71 (8:43:21 PM)
: since like.. 4th grade its been u and me fucking around in school
beautfldizastr71 (8:43:27 PM): especially since 7th and 8th grade
beautfldizastr71 (8:43:29 PM): and last year
beautfldizastr71 (8:43:30 PM): wow
beautfldizastr71 (8:43:35 PM): i feel like i have no friends now



awwwww babyy girlll!!!!!!! i love you so much!! im going to miss schooling and cheering it up with you!! we have the weekends though, and yeah.. our weekends together will be the fucking best!!!!


have fun at WhS next year kids. good luck to the seniors.... hahah wow, can't believe some of  you guys are seniors... haha i love you all! :o)

[31 Aug 2004|11:58am]


.... i wish that you'd grow up

[31 Aug 2004|12:56am]

BiTcH pAhLeAsE!!!!! 7th grade kicked some uber ass!!!!1

tWo yEaRs LaTeR !!

***<3<3 you're there when i cry, you're there when i laugh and that is why i call you my other half <3<3***

I LOVE YOU, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(( this all was supposed to go with the previous entry but it was being gay :o) ))

[31 Aug 2004|12:56am]

beautfldizastr71 (12:16:24 AM):  2 jcoff
jcpenny35 (12:16:28 AM): ahahah
beautfldizastr71 (12:16:32 AM):  2 gayfag
beautfldizastr71 (12:16:40 AM): GAYMARSH
beautfldizastr71 (12:16:49 AM): (j/gay)
beautfldizastr71 (12:16:49 AM): get it
jcpenny35 (12:16:52 AM): AHAHHAHHA
jcpenny35 (12:17:40 AM): ilu




[30 Aug 2004|04:14pm]

tHiS wEeKeNd!!!!

i came home from the cape and went out to dinner with my mom, we had a lovely conversation about cocaine, sex, drinking, alcoholics... yeah, all that fun stuff. it was a good time. i then, ofcourse, had to go back to my dads house till sunday (gaygay) so pretty much i just chilled on the computer, well actually ron and kathy came over for dinner on saturday, they're uber cool. hehe. but uhm... my boyfriend told me he was DEFINENTLY coming to see me on sunday NO MATTER WHAT!!! k, so then sunday came along and uhm.. yeah guess what happened? he didnt come see me (honestly, wasn't really suprised, he didn't end up calling me till about 9pm... yeah cool, i know!!!) but it was allset cause kristina came over and we had a sleepyover and a ...................... La BoUm!! so now i'm going to write some shit about our lovely night. ahaha... so have fun reading them ...!?

"FUN TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH!!!!!!!!!!" "bad life boys" "night time ... sixteen!"  hahaha.... YOU'RE SO cOoL xTiNa!!!!! my closet door is now the best ever!!!!

oh my god, oh my god! THE CIELING JUST FELL OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!! ahaha, your atempts at opening the bottle, and the stuff exploding all over my bed!!! uhm yeah, GOOD JOB!!!! atleast you go it open, though! ;o) lolZ pouring the icecream down the sink because it was NO GOOD! and all the chocolate chips were just stuck in the drain. haha, we are so smart!! hehe me crying about like 5 times and you were all like "OH MY GOD, WHAT DO I DO!?! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!! JILL, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO OR SAY!!!??? ahh ahh ahhhhhhhh" and then i talked to jill and i just kept talking for like 15 minutes.. haha i'm cool. yeah k and then lots of other super awesome stuff happened, but you guys don't really need a play by play of what happened :)

oh mannnnnnnnn!!!!  last night was uhm, interesting ... !?!!?   wow, ohmahgawd, kristina i love you.



[29 Aug 2004|06:24pm]

i hate when you get your hopes up about something you are really looking forward to and then that thing never happens and your hopes just come crashing straight down.

yeah, you're pretty fucking cool, buddy


[ i love you, i really do, but what we have right now is bullshit, and honestly, i don't know what i'm going to do ]

:( :( :( eXoh

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