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file under softcore seizures


18 April
[ IT'S D A N G E R O U S ]
i'm autumn. i'm 16. i'm from that huge country up north. i'm pretty random. if you don't like random, you probably won't like me. i find humour in irony. i find many things ironic. i like taking pictures of random things and drawing my little scene people in the empty pages of my tear drenched diary. aww...cheer up emo kid. i like concerts and bright colours. they make me happy. i quote song lyrics at random times. watch out. i love the faint. danse macabre is like my bible. i take it with me everywhere. i hate people who contradict others before listening to what they have to say. that's shallow. don't label people. be however you want to be. i said i liked your shoes. you said thanks can i follow you?

[ B A N D S ]
the faint. from autumn to ashes. q and not u. the postal service. a static lullaby. the higher. armor for sleep. coheed and cambria. ima robot. now its overhead. the smiths. taking back sunday. the locust. funeral for a friend. le tigre. blood brothers. the rapture. bright eyes. death cab for cutie. onelinedrawing. the promise ring. pedro the lion.

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