i eat scene kids for breakfast (_____robot_hate) wrote,
i eat scene kids for breakfast

mkay mother fuckers

okay, so here's the deal.

vicki/vikki/vicky/vikky/i dunno how to spell my fucking aunt's name
called this morning saying that they were going to hellfest [that being her and truman]
and that they were gonna get backstage passes most likley.

so yeah.

i'm torn.
because i cant go see the dead boy's with my mum, and go to hellfest.
now in most cases i would take the dead boys in a heart beat, but getting backstage at hellfest seems kinda nice because i could finally murder fucking anti-flag for even trying to cover a buzzcocks song
but my mum really really wants to see the dead boys, and so do I.
especially since it will probobly be my last chance, and since it will help try to keep CBGB's open.
my mum wants to go see them even more than I do.
and i'm torn.
so yeah

i'd rather see the dead boys, than murder anti-flag for trying to cover a buzzcocks song, but still.

in fact i dont know why i'm even comparing the two. wow i'm dumb.

still, i'll see what i can do.
maybe i can get vicki/vikki/vicky/vikky/whatever to get a few passes for dylan and whoever he goes with. because i feel bad even though i never gave a deffinate yes.
i'd rather try and have it not work out, than not bother and have three extra passes that have no purpose. you know.


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